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    Big Bend NP - Thanksgiving Weekend

    I'll be in Terlingua for the next couple weeks and planning a multi-night trip into the park and some trails for around Thanksgiving (11/22-26 or so), if anyone is interested in joining, or meeting up, let me know!
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    New Midland MXT275 (GMRS Mobile) What a cool form factor, I've been considering adding a dedicated GMRS radio to my truck but hate to dedicate the dash space for mounting the transceiver...
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    Alpine Loop, CO - Memorial Day Weekend (5/27-29)

    [Update] We're going to run the loop this coming weekend (memorial day), see the latest post if you're interested. I'll be spending the next month and a half or so in SW Colorado, planning to drive/camp the Alpine Loop and Imogene Pass while here if anyone is interested in joining. No dates...
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    [04/12/2018 EDIT] Thought I'd bump this thread since I'm in Moab again this year, will be here until June if anyone is going to be in the area. I'm in Moab for the next couple months. If anyone is planning on visiting or in the area and wants to run some trails, plan a trip, or just grab a...
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    In SoCal for a month, anything going on?

    I'll be RV camping somewhere near Joshua Tree or Anza Borrego area for at least the next 5-6 weeks, and I've got a week of vacation time to burn before the end of the year... hoping to leave the trailer for at least a few days and explore a bit. Anyone in the area up for coordinating an outing?
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    OB Approved Baofeng radio configuration and methods

    Hi guys, I know a lot of you may have (or be interested in picking up) a Baofeng handheld radio such as the UV-5R for cheap effective/quality FM voice communications, but may not totally understand what they're capable of, the radio services they can support, or how to properly configure them...