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  1. Ryan_Blaire

    Camp Photos!

    Near Mt. Patterson last weekend...
  2. Ryan_Blaire

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Wheeling and camping with my son at a local favorite spot.
  3. Ryan_Blaire

    OB Approved Camping with Firearms

    I went off for a minute. Great discussion overall. With regard to what I said earlier, camping in the middle of nowhere and having to use a firearm for self defense would be quite a different situation than a crowded public area or even your home in the middle of the night. Even if it is an...
  4. Ryan_Blaire

    OB Approved Camping with Firearms

    I couldn't agree more. "Carrying a firearm means you lose every argument". There is a great deal of maturity and training required to responsibly carry a firearm every day. If someone cuts you off at the gas station and you think your gun is going to solve the problem, you probably shouldn't...
  5. Ryan_Blaire

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Bachelor party wheeling trip in Tahoe with my soon to be brother-in-law.
  6. Ryan_Blaire

    OB Approved Becoming a Skilled Spotter

    Some of my friends are the best spotters in the business. I've got an FJ80. Granted, a well built rig, but still a school bus on tight trails with BIG rocks. I have gotten my rig into places I would have never attempted (unscathed) with their help. A good spotter can make a world of difference.
  7. Ryan_Blaire

    OB Approved Camping with Firearms

    As a CCW holder, I am locked and loaded every day. That being said, I also live in the great state of Nevada which is fairly laid back on carrying laws. We are an "open Carry" state. I can go to a gun store, buy a pistol, wait while they make a phone call for the background check and once...
  8. Ryan_Blaire

    What was your first vehicle you took exploring.

    My first truck.... 1969 F-100 2WD. I used to bash that thing down dirt roads until it hurt. Very similar to the picture but lightly more rusted/dented. Ahhh to be 16 again....
  9. Ryan_Blaire

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Played a game of "tilt the 80" in a small canyon close to home.
  10. Ryan_Blaire

    Wanted** rear fj80 bumper and roof rack

    FWIW I built my roof rack for about $100. Basket on Craigslist for $60 and the cross-bars with gutter clamps for $35 used at "Play it again sports" which is a used sporting goods store here locally. I was in the same boat and couldn't believe how expensive this stuff is.
  11. Ryan_Blaire

    Worst stuck

    This was last year in Hollister, Ca. My old FJ60. Group said follow the leader. I was the leader, nobody followed. Got pulled out backwards.
  12. Ryan_Blaire

    Rig Photos

    FJ80 High Five
  13. Ryan_Blaire

    Sonora Rally Trip 2016

    It was lifted, not sure how much. He did mention it had 4 1/2" of travel. Inside was gutted behind the front seats and had spare tires and all gear mounted nicely.
  14. Ryan_Blaire

    Sonora Rally Trip 2016

    I only got one!
  15. Ryan_Blaire

    Sonora Rally Trip 2016

    10 days and 2,000 miles through Nevada, California, Arizona and Mexico. I volunteered to work as race support for the 2016 Sonora Rally. This was my first rally race and I am hooked! The race took place over 4 days across dunes, deserts and beaches from San Luis Rio Colorado to Puerto...
  16. Ryan_Blaire

    Overlanding Photos

    Playing in the snow yesterday...
  17. Ryan_Blaire

    Small LED Rack Lights Suggestions

    I have had great luck with the cheapies on amazon. I spent the big bucks on my 2 fronts and I can't tell the difference...
  18. Ryan_Blaire

    X2 Power AGM Battery

    Bought this mid December 2015. Short term review: - EXPENSIVE!! About $300 out the door with a "buddy deal". MSRP $304.95 +tax - Warranty - 5 year free replacement (better than any other battery I've seen. - Output: I run a Waeco fridge, HID lights, LED's front/rear, kids dvd screens and my...
  19. Ryan_Blaire

    Christmas Break = 1500 mi

    @stringtwelve Just a vacation. My aunt and uncle have a house in Puerto Nuevo but we just stopped there for a visit on the way home. My long term goal is to build further south on the Sea of Cortez side.
  20. Ryan_Blaire

    Christmas Break = 1500 mi

    Hello all, Thought I would post some pics of my recent trip from Garnderville, NV (Home) to Ensenada, Mexico. Left home at 1:00 pm on Dec. 24th in the middle of the biggest storm we have had to date. The first leg was 200 miles and I didn't see pavement for 135 of it. Beautiful snow...