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  1. No Known Boundaries

    FOR SALE Oregon: 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser ($21000) - Locked, F/R Bumpers, Skids, 33s, Baja Basket, & More

    -4 wheel drive -Auto trans -Manual transfer case -Factory locking rear diff -2.5" Old Man Emu heavy-rate suspension -SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arms (+/- 2 degrees) -5 Brand NEW 285/75-16 (33") Goodyear Duratrac tires on MB Wheels -RCI steel skid plates (front, belly, lower control arms) -Warn...
  2. No Known Boundaries

    FOR SALE [Oregon] 4 General X3s 315/75R-16 + 1 Cooper STT Pro Spare ($650)

    Like new, they've only been on for a few months. Load range E (10 ply), 17/32 tread left, no punctures/patches, regularly balanced/rotated at Discount, no cupping/feathering. Cooper is the same size with 15/32 tread left, even wear, and no punctures. These tires have gotten me through deep...
  3. No Known Boundaries

    A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Overland Route-making/Navigation

    We've previously posted videos on this topic before on our channel. However, given that it's a new year and so much of that information is outdated, it was time for a new streamlined guide. This video should help a complete novice with no experience learn how to start scouting, routing, and...
  4. No Known Boundaries

    US Northwest -NO LONGER LISTED-

  5. No Known Boundaries

    Cooper STT Pro Tire Review

    I wrote up an initial impressions post in Nov. '17 on these tires, and have since put over 40K on them. Those on the hunt for new tires may very well want to consider them and digest the following. Happy to answer any questions not covered in the write-up...
  6. No Known Boundaries

    Navigating the Backcountry

    So we've previously discussed going from scouting to routing on our channel, but wanted to introduce a streamlined way to do so for those new to overlanding/navigating. This video is a nuts and bolts on doing just that. Questions? Comments? Critiques? Let 'em fly!
  7. No Known Boundaries

    Thanksgiving in the Southwest

    Starting in northern Arizona, we made our way north into Utah for a few nights, then made some quick pitstops in the homeland (CO), and blazed south into New Mexico, and looped back through NorAZ. Can't beat the Southwestern states for backcountry opportunity.
  8. No Known Boundaries

    Let's Talk Offline Map Downloads and Definitions

    Alright boys and girls, let's talk about acquiring offline maps the fastest. As I'm sure you're all aware, Gaia/MyTrails/Hema/Cal Topo have the ability to select a grid for offline use, and then download directly onto your mobile device. This works well enough, but we'd like to streamline the...
  9. No Known Boundaries

    weBoost Drive Sleek Review Have you been looking for, or wishing for the ability to get stronger & more consistent signal out of your cell phone on backcountry trips? This review may very well help get you on the path.
  10. No Known Boundaries

    Top of the World/Dome Plateau, UT (2/16-2/18)

    Ran a quick little weekend two nighter over to "Moab", since we couldn't wait until late March to go back for our four night bike, hike, and shoot trip. Top of the World had been on our list for some time, so we decided it was as good a time as ever. Threw Dome Plateau in there as well, and had...
  11. No Known Boundaries

    Thanksgiving 2017

    This year, Thanksgiving took a whole new turn for the better. Check it out!
  12. No Known Boundaries

    Cooper STT Pro Initial Thoughts/Review "...And with four of my guys also running the ST Maxx series, Cooper has been doing No Known Boundaries well. So a set of 315/75-16 Pros was mounted to the FJ, and the rest is sure to become history." Looking to...
  13. No Known Boundaries

    Colorado Overlanders: beer, Mexican food, and all the good stuff

    Event post here: Come drink beer and eat from Uncle Tapas food truck with the No Known Boundaries crew. If you've been looking for a group of like-minded individuals to go poke around the mountains with, we just might be your Huckleberry(s). All are welcome to come shoot the breeze and talk...
  14. No Known Boundaries

    Our Team Site Is Live!

    Cheers, all. For those of you who we haven't had a chance to make introductions with yet, No Known Boundaries is a Colorado-based overland/expedition team. Our team members come from a multitude of backgrounds, and we do everything from write for Trails Offroad to volunteer with the Forest...
  15. No Known Boundaries

    Independence Week(end) through the Rockies

    From Colorado, through Wyoming, into Idaho, south through Utah, and back across Colorado. This was a true treat for the Rocky Mountain adventurer.
  16. No Known Boundaries

    Little Muddy Creek > Williams Fork Res 7/22/2017 Saturday, July 22nd 10 AM: NKB will be running Little Muddy Creek from the south end at Keyser Creek up to Williams Fork Reservoir. We will eat lunch there, and we encourage everyone to bring fishing poles, and/or a canoe. There is plenty to do at the res. with the...
  17. No Known Boundaries

    China Wall Day Run

    WHEN: Saturday, June 17, 10:00 AM WHERE: China Wall trail outside of Lake George, CO WHAT: Open meet n' greet day run for anyone interested in meeting the NKB crew HOW: Meet at the south entrance trailhead and get to it with us GPX file, trail info, and preview photos/vids available here...
  18. No Known Boundaries

    Nissan Frontier Lift Options

    Cheers, all. Can anyone chime in with some suggestions on 2nd gen Frontier lifts (2011 Pro 4X double cab short bed). Requisites are as follows: -2-3" (already looked at OME's 1.5") -NO block lifts in the rear -NO spacers in the front -NO front diff drops It would be used hard, so it has to be...