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  1. TXpedition

    DFW to Central Texas Rally Point Ideas

    Sorry, I'm super late to this party, lol Oxford Campgrounds just south of Llano is right on the Hill Country Loop. Others call it the Llano River loop. Hope this helps for future trips.
  2. TXpedition


    Saw this too late to help, hope you had a great time. I usually go that same week in the even years. I missed this year, but am now going in April. (more of a road trip with the wife) I suggest the state park over the National Park due to there being actual unmaintained roads/trails out there...
  3. TXpedition

    Midland Texas Blues

    Chispa road is supposed to be very challenging. Van Horn to Candelaria, it's a public road surrounded by private land, so no camping along it. Big Bend Ranch State Park has great camping with hardly a soul in site. Great trails to explore the park on.
  4. TXpedition

    Needing to Camp and Wheel soon.

    Needing to Camp and Wheel soon.
  5. TXpedition

    US Southwest DFW Meet and Greet for August

    This is a big maybe for me. I'm supposed to be helping the Grand Daughter move back into her college dorm on Sunday. I'll see what I can do, thanks for the invite!
  6. TXpedition

    US Southwest DFW Meet and Greet

    I'm on vacation in the Hill Country, returning Saturday. If I can, ill come visit.
  7. TXpedition

    US Southwest DFW Meet and Greet - January 2020

    I will see if I can make it out that way, never been to an OB M&G.
  8. TXpedition

    Sedona Trails End of August.

    I'm heading to Sedona August 24 -31st. We will be glamping it in our timeshare at the Hyatt... I know it's the middle of the work week, but if anyone will be out there anytime during the week, I plan on hitting Greasy Spoon Trail one of those days. I'd love to have company if anyone is...
  9. TXpedition

    Post Trip Depression!

    Post Trip Depression!
  10. TXpedition

    Eating utensils traditional or new age?

    My Step Daughter gave this to me for Xmas. I really like it. Some of the utensils could be a little sturdier, but for the most part, it is great. I added some wooden spoons and rubber spatula's since my cookware has nonstick coating.
  11. TXpedition

    Expediciones De Las Americas - An Adventure of a Lifetime in 6 Stock Jeeps

    I would love to go back someday. There are some places I'd like to revisit to see how they've changed. I went on Google Maps and saw my old house is now a "Chifa" restaurant.
  12. TXpedition

    I need to get out more!

    I need to get out more!
  13. TXpedition

    Expediciones De Las Americas - An Adventure of a Lifetime in 6 Stock Jeeps

    I grew up in Bolivia from 1972 - 1975. My dad was like these guys, we went down the Yungas Road once. We took a few treks into the Andes mountains to camp and fish. Good Times!
  14. TXpedition

    Big Bend or Bust!

    Big Bend or Bust!
  15. TXpedition

    Texas Avid Outdoor Expo! See you there!

    Texas Avid Outdoor Expo! See you there!
  16. TXpedition

    Texas Fall Outdoor Expo - Who's Going??

    This will be my 3rd event, last years was spectacular! I plan on leaving from Arlington early Friday morning, as one of my buddies wants to attend the First Aid class at 9:30 am.
  17. TXpedition

    Michael and Corrie in Dallas - 05/24/2018

    Darn it man, don't you know it's too far for the Ft Worth folks?! You'll see when you drive across the metroplex. That being said, maybe I can sneak over there. [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G950U using OB Talk mobile app
  18. TXpedition

    DFW M&G this Saturday evening!

    DFW M&G this Saturday evening!
  19. TXpedition

    DFW's Meet and Greet Drawing Board

    I posted on the event, but yeah, I really need to try to go meet everyone. I don't think I have any "Honey Do's" this Saturday. Besides, I've never been to Uncle Bucks :blush: