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  1. KaneNorth


    I ordered one as well. Four door Badlands with Sasquatch package. My dealer got a two door outer banks demo model in and I took it out for test drive a few days ago. Very impressed with it in comparison to my Jeep. Also got my VIN and learned it’s scheduled to be built in mid august.
  2. KaneNorth

    D'Arcy to Seton Portage Road condition?

    Wow beautiful thanks!
  3. KaneNorth

    D'Arcy to Seton Portage Road condition?

    I would also like to know. I want to head that way on the way to the Overland Rally.
  4. KaneNorth

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Got off night shift, replaced worn out stock BFG Mud Terrains with a set of Nitto Trail Grapplers I had taken off an F-150 I had (285 70 R17). Had a nap then loaded up my gear and hit the road. Headed south to the BC Overland Rally.
  5. KaneNorth

    BC Overland Rally

    Overland Rally is this weekend. Who is all going?
  6. KaneNorth

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Got my rhino rack assembled and installed this week. I have to admit drilling through the hardtop was a bit stressful, but everything went fairly well. A couple small pieces of crossmember hardware were missing, luckily I was able to find some hardware at work that work. I also made minor...
  7. KaneNorth

    How bad for your engine to idle for 8 hours?

    When I have been working in the Arctic and other parts of northern Canada we idle the work trucks all winter. They’ll kind of run rough at idle after a while. Probably won’t hurt much if you only do it overnight once in a while. But a small portable generator might be a better option, they can...
  8. KaneNorth

    2007 Ford E-350 6.0 PSD Sportsmobile 4x4 (adventures)

    Beautiful! Love the pictures. Were you at the BC Overland Rally? Think I saw your rig there.
  9. KaneNorth

    R.I.P. Beloved vehicles that are now gone (wrecked,traded in,sold,or lost in divorce)

    1990 Dodge Ramcharger. With the 318. That poor truck suffered so much abuse, and kept on going. Sent to a farm a few years ago for retirement.
  10. KaneNorth

    BC Overland Rally

    I'll stop by at some point and visit.
  11. KaneNorth

    BC Overland Rally

    Getting all set up. Right by the entrance to the camping area. Come say hi if you see me!
  12. KaneNorth

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    I got a roof rack and roof top tent installed today! Ready for some adventures can't wait for Bc overland rally next week!
  13. KaneNorth

    BC Overland Rally
  14. KaneNorth

    Rig Mileage

    Just over went over 30,000km on my 2015 Wrangler yesterday.
  15. KaneNorth

    Member Number? Upgrade Your Account! Read

    Just got around to adding my badge #1215 to my account in need of member upgrade please.
  16. KaneNorth

    BC Overland Rally

    I just heard about this event last week. Its happening June 22-25th. Looks like its shaping up to be a pretty good little event. Anyone else going?
  17. KaneNorth

    BC overland rally coming up in June! Looks like its going to be awesome!

    BC overland rally coming up in June! Looks like its going to be awesome!
  18. KaneNorth

    Welcome to the Western Canada thread

    New guy here from the Peace Region in northeastern BC. Sent from my iPhone using Overland Bound Talk
  19. KaneNorth


    Hi everyone! I've just recently discovered Overland Bound and have a bit of catching up to do to watch all the vidoes. I live in the Peace Region of northeastern British Columbia Canada. My current rig is a 2015 JKUR. I grew up in a small town I've spent a lot of time in the bush both on foot...