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  1. Gunnermoose

    Thanksgiving 2016 - Lee's Ferry

    Recently completed the 2nd Annual Thanksgiving trip to Lee's Ferry in Northern AZ. Is the the western ending of the Glenn Canyon area or the eastern start of the Grand Canyon. You decide. This year was a great success as we more than doubled our group size from last year (4-10). Again the usual...
  2. Gunnermoose

    Not So Planned Trip

    It was basically an idea to just get out of the Valley of the Sun and try to cool off. Basically, it wasn't as hot as Phoenix. Just a quick getaway on the Mogollon Rim above the town of Strawberry, AZ. Did a little bird watching, some Elk spotting and elk calls. Other than that, sat around a...
  3. Gunnermoose

    Location Banner

    @Michael and @Corrie has the idea of adding a persons' location to their profile picture in the forums ever been brought up. As I click through the threads and see ideas for trips it hard to identify if the location is close to where I am at. I am not thinking we add addresses, but maybe states...
  4. Gunnermoose

    Southwesterners Headed to OTG 2016

    Anyone from the Southwest Region headed to OTG 2016? Especially anyone from the Arizona area?
  5. Gunnermoose

    Independence Day 2016

    It has become a small tradition to spend the Indipendence Day weekend up on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. As with previous years Mother Nature ensure we get great views and awesome sunsets. The purpose is to get up in elevation to escape the valley heat and just relax. This year I spent 4...
  6. Gunnermoose

    External Fuel Storage

    Pick-ups seem pretty obvious, but SUV's can have a challenge. If you put it on the roof you start to get into the center of gravity issues. If you add these to a bumper you can add an over-stressing of the mounting points. - Where does everyone carry spare fuel? - How much is enough?
  7. Gunnermoose

    Spare Parts

    I am starting this thread for informational purposes. Mainly this is for long duration or remote trips. But also has to be taken into account based on how you drive and the type of vehicle you use. History: In the past year I have either experienced or witnessed a shock failure while on the...
  8. Gunnermoose

    Camp Priorities

    As I continue to camp with differing groups of individuals, I find it interesting the way different people set up camp. Some go for the tasty beverage first, some food, others shelter. I know when my kids were young, I had to develop a set of priorities for them so they felt part of the process...
  9. Gunnermoose

    My mini base-camp trailer

    So a little over a year ago this project started. The purpose for this trailer, is use on extended trips or when there is a plan to sit in one spot and explore out from there. I helped @1Louder construct the Beast Mode trailer and our time working with Dave at Turtleback definitely influenced...
  10. Gunnermoose

    2013 White FJ Cruiser

    Update: July 5, 2016 In May 2013, in an attempt to get a little smaller with my vehicle, I traded my 2006 Ram 1500 for a new 2013 FJ Cruiser. Over the few years I have owned it it has been to many places and been modified for the ability to go out independently. Drive-train: Stock...
  11. Gunnermoose

    New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Route (NMBDR) 2016

    I plan to run the NMBDR from 3 - 10 September 2016. So far there is only one other vehicle coming. If there are any intrepid explorers out there that need a long run and would like to join, let me know. I have previously completed the AZBDR and UTBDR with @1Louder and we had fun and interesting...
  12. Gunnermoose

    So I heard a pop...

    @1Louder and I went on an exploration of the north rim of the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness two weeks ago. As he was pulling his trailer I followed to ensure nothing fell off or anything else happened that he couldn't see. As we were trying to find a suitable site that overlooked the canyon I...
  13. Gunnermoose

    The Starter Guide to Gear and Equipment Needed for Overlanding

    **Updated to include a .zip excel file that can be used/modified by anyone** Hello all, The idea of loading up your mode of transportation and getting out to view the world is intriguing. But one question always comes up; What do I need to take? This is version 2 of a comprehensive checklist...
  14. Gunnermoose

    Arizona Overlanders

    Where is everyone located? I am located at the corner of Gilbert, Meas and Apache Junction.
  15. Gunnermoose

    South West or Arizona

    Plenty to see here!
  16. Gunnermoose

    Just some random shots I've taken

    These are some shots from my trip along the Mojave Road last March. I keep a running log of my trips at I am just amazed what is out there to see!