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  1. Baipin

    CA Central Canada WANTED: SM465 Shifter Parts + NP205 Speedo Gear

    Looking to buy one of the following parts for a SM465 shifter - it's held in by a roll pin and sits at the very end of the shifter. I'm in Ontario, Canada. Will pay for shipping anywhere in North America. What it looks like installed: I'm also looking for a NP205 speedo gear. GM part #...
  2. Baipin

    1959 GMC Bus - 4x4 Build

    Really not much to say beyond the title... I've got a 1959 GMC bus, and I've got every intention of converting it to 4x4. :) The Axles have to go anyways. The hubs would be prohibitively expensive to modify, have an odd bolt pattern with hard-to-find wheels, and I'd rather not use Firestone RH5...
  3. Baipin

    FOR SALE [ON, Canada] - ['18 Forester XT w/ custom fabricated camper interior/bumper/ADF lift]- [$33,900 CAD]

    A one-of-a-kind Subaru Forester XT! Perfect as a daily driver or an adventure rig - all in one! Due to a change of careers, I need a large truck or work van to live in long-term, which sadly means I've got to sell this Subaru. This is a Premium trim; the most complete offered by Subaru for...
  4. Baipin

    Iveco VM90 (Western Star LSVW) - Anyone know much about them?

    Seems like the Canadian government is getting rid of more of their LSVW stock; basically, Iveco VM90's rebadged as Western Star trucks. They're medium-size 4x4 trucks, road legal and titleable, and about the size of an ambulance. I've heard from friends in the service that they they don't have a...
  5. Baipin

    FOR SALE ONT, Canada - 2018 Subaru Forester XT + ADF 2.5" lift + custom rear bumper + camper Interior

    Just feeling this out and seeing if there's any interest in my Subaru. Not sure if I want to sell it as an overlanding rig or return it to stock, but in any case, I'm looking to sell. I need a large truck or van to live in/work out of long-term (i.e. vandwelling - I'd rather not rent an...
  6. Baipin

    From SW Ontario to Nunavut by road - James Bay Rd!

    For a while now, I've had the idea to travel from the US/Canada border, all the way down here in Southwestern Ontario, up to the James Bay Rd., and up to Chisasibi QC. I'll stop to see Raddison QC, and the Robert Bourassa dam along the way. My plan is that, when I get to Chisasibi, I kayak or...
  7. Baipin

    SatPaq - New alternative to SPOT/InReach? I heard about this device last year and it seemed promising then, still does now. Basically, the SatPaq attaches to your existing Android/iPhone and lets you send satellite messages with it, apparently using existing geostationary satellites. However, instead of a...
  8. Baipin

    CA Central Canada FS: Bridgestone Dueler H/L Tires + Subaru 18" Alloy Wheels

    Selling a set of 4 Bridgestone Dueler H/L tires (P225/55R 18) on OEM Subaru Forester XT 18" alloy wheels (5x100 bolt pattern). Located in southwestern Ontario, Canada. These wheels and tires are almost new - they have had very little use; no more than 2500 km's. Excellent tires for city...
  9. Baipin

    Subaru Forester - '18 XT

    _________________________________________________________________________________ Hello OverlandBound! This will be my thread for listing and explaining my current and future mods to my Subaru Forester '18 XT. Stock, it runs with a 2.0L FA20F Boxer engine with 250 hp, 258 ftlbs of torque...