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  1. CDN Offroader

    Central Canada thread!

    Moved to Edmonton last summer, but didn't get out much with the rain and reno's on the house. Then been out of the country all spring, so hoping to finally get out and do some exploring once quarantine is done in August...
  2. CDN Offroader

    South America 2018/19

    Chaiten Volcano Lake district near Bariloche Actual route
  3. CDN Offroader

    South America 2018/19

    So, I stuck with a pretty ambitious itinerary for this trip, even more so because my wife booked a multi-day hike in the Cerro Castillo range, in Chile, with some friends. 3 weeks, and just over 10,000 km. Our only mistake was bringing a few other friends from Canada, found out on day 2 that 2...
  4. CDN Offroader

    Grand Cache Sept 2017

    Nice, moving out that way this summer. Been wanting to do that run for a few years now.
  5. CDN Offroader

    Show me a Road Sign.....really any sign...

    went a bit south over the holidays...
  6. CDN Offroader

    Whynter 65Qt Fridge

    As I mentioned earlier in this thread, it is good for about 4 days on my older yellow top before it kicks out, not often I sit that long anyways. I haven't used the engel, so I can't really comment on that.
  7. CDN Offroader

    Whynter 65Qt Fridge

    Over 6 years and still running strong.
  8. CDN Offroader

    What's your experience with OZTENT RV Series tent(s)?

    After years of over analysing pros and cons of RTTs vs ground tents, I ended up with an Eyre-2 this summer. It a little lighter material than the standard oztent. I was sick of being cramped into my backpacking tent with the wife and dog. I agreed with @theBROFESSOR, this is a great multiday...
  9. CDN Offroader

    Want to send a shout out to for quick delivery and great customer service...

    Want to send a shout out to for quick delivery and great customer service on our recent purchase of a Oztent Eyre-2.
  10. CDN Offroader

    NW Manitoba Expedition May 2-4 Weekend 2017

    I'm not 100% certain on the lake, but looking at google maps, I think it was Footprint Lake just north of Grand Rapids.
  11. CDN Offroader

    Next trip is a planned 3 week driving trip from Santiago Chile to Ushaia, with some hiking in...

    Next trip is a planned 3 week driving trip from Santiago Chile to Ushaia, with some hiking in Patagonia, and expedition into the Atacama.
  12. CDN Offroader

    South America 2018/19

    Hey all, heading to Chile/Argentina for a few weeks next winter. Rough plan is to rent a 4x4(Landcruiser or similar) in Santiago head south along the coast, through the Patagonia region, into Tierra Del Fuego to Ushuaia, and head back up north through Argentina, back to Santiago(possibly up to...
  13. CDN Offroader

    Coffee Set Ups

    I like to keep it simple. Contains cream and sugar, just need to boil water and go. If I need to beef it up, a spoonful of instant, or a shot of fireball helps out. Also great if I decide to go backpacking.
  14. CDN Offroader

    Rig Photos

    Got out for a bit of hiking along the river. Still not much snow up here...:disrelieved:
  15. CDN Offroader

    Opinions on weight vs protection on Aluminum / Steel skid plates

    Unless you have a dedicated off road rig where the following doesn't matter, lighter aluminum makes more sense to me, as it saves fuel, reduces wear and tear on the vehicle, allows for more gear storage, and still protects from all but the most serious of damage, and doesn't rust. For those of...