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  1. IanC83

    Cross country meet ups

    Hey ladies and gents I will be driving from upstate New York to expo west in about a week. I have blocked out the entire month of May for this trip. I am reaching out to the Colorado, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, California members who are either going to expo west and or would like to...
  2. IanC83

    To expo west then, southwest, rockys and?

    I have blocked out the entire month of May this year for an overland adventure with my dog. I am reaching out to overland bound members in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and, Nevada. I am just greenhorn to overlanding. I am looking for local members for advice/recommendations or join in on some...
  3. IanC83

    New rear bumper.

    So my rear bumper plans started over a year ago but they were for my 4Runner which some know burned to death. Now I have my 80 series I recently had a friend build me my bumper for that. It is a plate steel duel swing arm setup with two Jerry cans behind the spare tire. I have a ladder on the...
  4. IanC83

    Bed Frame in my 80.

    I removed all but two seats in my 80 not for overlanding but for work but I figured this is the perfect time to build a bed frame in lou of not owning a RTT. It's just gonna be me and my dog in the back. Am only 5'7" so a 6' long bed frame with a 48"x72"x6" tri-fold foam mattress. I might...
  5. IanC83

    ARB CKMTA12 air compressor

    I am reaching out to other 97 Land Cruiser owners that might have installed this compressor and where. I have talked with Slee Off-Road and they make a bracket setup that will relocate the washer bottle and put the compressor there but if I ever want to do a duel battery setup I wont be able...
  6. IanC83

    New purchases for future adventures

    I am planing an overland adventure to Colorado and then heading to Overland Expo West. I am new to this type of adventuring but wanted to share my few purchases. The Plano case as many know is recommended by Michael. I started with just one that I picked up for only $29.99 at Field & Stream...