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  1. Gunnermoose

    Arizona Overlanders

    We are trying to get a monthly trail run planned. We created an Arizona Overlanders meetup site. We list everything there.
  2. Gunnermoose

    Arizona Overlanders

    The 17th, of course.
  3. Gunnermoose

    Arizona Overlanders

    C coming on the run next weekend?
  4. Gunnermoose

    Arizona Overlanders

    Welcome @Ghostfire
  5. Gunnermoose

    Hi-Lift Vs. Floor Jack

    Any jacking procedure is dangerous when not properly conducted and the operator is not properly trained! It's not the jacks fault.
  6. Gunnermoose

    What are you using for a fridge/freezer.

    Try Truck Fridge at These are decent lower cost solutions. Many of us in AZ are running with TF51. It is basically the Engel B fridge rebranded. I have had mine for 3 years now and it is still running strong!
  7. Gunnermoose

    Arizona Camping Suggestions

    That's a good area and Crown King area is nice. It can get real crowded on the weekends. I would just say get out and start exploring. There is a good guide on old mines and ghosts towns also. Vulture mine outside of Wickenburg is a cool area.
  8. Gunnermoose

    Death Valley Dec 9-11

    Sorry, but I have to back out of this due to work. I would not be able to leave the Phoenix area until around 6pm on Friday.
  9. Gunnermoose

    Arizona Camping Suggestions

    @CHILL907, I guess welcome to the valley of the sun. You have already found the AZ Overlanders thread. Also lookup AZ Overlanders on meetup. We try to do a monthly trail run and camping trip, next one is the weekend of 17 December (i think). Chris (1Louder) and I are headed to Moab 26 Dec - 1...
  10. Gunnermoose

    Tablets and tablet software

    Goto the iTunes app store and download Earthmate. This is the app for the inReach. As long as you have the inReach Explorer, you will have full map downloads and planning capability with the inReach. I have been an avid user of the inReach since it was launched. It is my goto navigation and "in...
  11. Gunnermoose

    Wiper blades

    No. I had to get that one from the dealership. I just had them replace it during an oil change.
  12. Gunnermoose

    Wiper blades

    I believe so. At the Walmart I goto they are on the far left when looking at all of the blades.
  13. Gunnermoose

    Wiper blades

    The biggest problem I have with blades on my FJ is the length. Not all brands are the same "true" measurement. I have tried multiple types and the $1.94 Walmart ones seem to work and fit the best.
  14. Gunnermoose

    Offline maps for tablet or smartphone....what app do you use?

    I have never received an answer form inreach into why a person can download the basemap for a state but not the other details. My guess is bandwidth. I know its a pain sometimes, but I ended up downloading in batches until I had the entire state coverage.
  15. Gunnermoose

    Offline maps for tablet or smartphone....what app do you use?

    Same with imagery, small sections.
  16. Gunnermoose

    Thanksgiving 2016 - Lee's Ferry

    Recently completed the 2nd Annual Thanksgiving trip to Lee's Ferry in Northern AZ. Is the the western ending of the Glenn Canyon area or the eastern start of the Grand Canyon. You decide. This year was a great success as we more than doubled our group size from last year (4-10). Again the usual...
  17. Gunnermoose

    New camp grill anyone

    That is pretty cool! I like the idea it has its own storage also.
  18. Gunnermoose

    Arizona Overlanders

    For AZ Overlanders there is a Meet-Up and trail ride on 17 Dec planned. See meet-up This can be an out and back day trip or you can camp with us. Please sign up on the Meet-Up site (above) though, that is how we can track attendees and everything else...
  19. Gunnermoose

    4x4 Training?

    Take a look here - - you can find trainers in your state. I also agree that Overland Expo is another resource - -
  20. Gunnermoose

    Camp Photos!

    I have recently purchaded a Tag-A-Long tent to go with this.