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  1. Ivan Montano

    San Felipe Desert Mayhem Race Trip

    I wanted to share a few pics of my last trip to San Felipe. MX. If you have not been here, Guys you should. Hope you like the pics and see you guys on the trail,
  2. Ivan Montano

    Wanted Looking for Method Rims

    Hello All, I am looking to upgrade the rims on my 4runner... in specific I am looking for the Method Race Wheels NV on 17X8.5. If you have them used or something similar send me a picture and we will make a deal. Thank you,
  3. Ivan Montano

    Any Member meetup near San Diego

    I am looking for a meetup near the San Diego area.... If not one yet.. lets set up one. I have noticed that there are a plenty OB members in Southern California... If you are one check in...
  4. Ivan Montano

    Share your old base camps and experiences here

    Hello everyone, I used to own a Ford F-150 and I did for many years. I would like to share some of my old experiences with you all, some of these pictures are from 2014 and 2015. My older brother, who is also a member #3856, used to drive an avalanche, below you will see a picture of myself...