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  1. Mitch&TigaB

    US Northwest Inland Northwest - Salmon River Beach Bonanza.

    Kevin and Trish, Tiga and I really want to make this, but we're getting back from Central Oregon late Friday. If you lay and share a track we may come down the following weekend on our own. Tiga&Mitch
  2. Mitch&TigaB

    US Northwest Inland Northwest - Coeur d'Alene National Forest overnight

    We're not going to make this one to allow others to play together. Plus, Wednesday, Tiga and I will be at Cougar Rock campground, Mt Rainier, with family. Tiga&Mitch
  3. Mitch&TigaB

    Overland Bound Geocache General Discussion

    I agree that Geocaching would not encourage money be exchanged. I like the idea of an OB coupon or something on those lines.
  4. Mitch&TigaB


    Hi Mike, Thanks for the reply, fully understand the stay home, stay safe concept. My wife teaches at Washington School in Sandpoint where she will be retiring come the end of this school year, a couple more days. She’s been driving back and forth from Medical Lake, WA (near the airport) for 22...
  5. Mitch&TigaB


    Hi OB folks, I'm just getting into overlanding, starting to build up my '99 Taco, have a 3" OME lift. Will be adding a bed rack and a few other items. Hope to be on the trail and seeing you all soon. Mitch&TigaB