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    travel fatigue - how to avoid travel-weary at longterm journeys

    I read the article, I thought it was well written, and thought out. I used to follow a lot of blogs of people who hike the Appalachian Trail. They use it as a 6 month long "vacation" from life. But, as the OP points out-vacations dont put daily chores in the background: you still need to keep...
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    Massachusetts Sound Off!

    From north central MA, near the old Fort Devens!!! Nothing really in this state-we usually head to VT in the Green mountains. Stock '21 TRD sport, which I am absolutely in love with. Have done some camping over the summer out of it, still working on my ideal setup. No desire for a rooftop tent...
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    MA meet up

    I know this is a couple weeks old, but this is something I am interested in. Brand new stock Tacoma Sport. Not looking to do any crazy offroading, but definitely looking to find likeminded individuals.
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    Gaia for Android Auto added

    SAw the article on this last week. Prompted me to get the premium upgrade for it :)
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    Gazelle Tents

    Thank you for this!!! I got the notification that the T3X was available before I found this forum, otherwise I would have ordered through here. I plan on using a cot, but was unsure of how it would fit in there. I have a Coleman Trailhead 2 which I wasnt sure how tight it would be, but it looks...
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    New member

    Thank you. Wont be doing that this year, but myself and a few buddies are planning for 2022 :)
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    New member

    Good morning. New member here. I am new to the overlanding world, but not new to car/motorcycle camping and outdoors world by any means! A little about me: served in the Army from 88-04, with a 4 year break in service. Currently work as a 911 dispatcher. I have been a hiker, camper, outdoorsman...