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  1. wrmmt

    Rack options for bikes/kayaks

    I have done a little searching on the forums here and have found a little bit on racks, but not really much on what I am looking for, so I thought I would start a new thread to see what everyone is using for bike and kayak racks. A little background on my situation: I have a 2013 Silverado set...
  2. wrmmt

    Jackson Area Camping

    Planning on a long weekend trip down to the Jackson Hole/Grand Teton area in a couple weeks. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for some good dispersed camping in the general area, or for hikes/bike rides while we're down there. Pretty much open to any suggestions at this point!
  3. wrmmt

    Dual Battery and Solar Panel System Questions

    I'm starting to plan out the power system for my rig and am having a bit of hard time wrapping my head around everything. I am planning on starting with a dual battery system and then adding a solar panel later when I am more ready to add a fridge to the mix. At this point I am leaning towards...
  4. wrmmt

    2013 Silverado - "The Raven"

    Growing up in the mountains here in Montana, I was always into camping, hiking, skiing, biking, pretty much anything to get outside. I always have enjoyed camping and exploring the backroads, but had never really known too much about overlanding or overlanding vehicles until a few years ago...
  5. wrmmt

    Hi from Montana!

    Hey everyone! Excited to be here! Had an eye on Overland Bound for a little while but just finally getting around to joining up. I grew up here in MT and have been hiking, camping, skiing, and biking for pretty much my whole life. I have been out camping and "overlanding" before I knew...