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  1. Merlin2111

    Taps and Trucks at Tailgate Brewing with Central Tennessee Overlanders - 03/12/2018

    Enjoy beer and pizza at a family friendly brewery in West Nashville. There are board games for the kids and seating inside and out. We hope to see you there! View Rally Point Details
  2. Merlin2111

    Finding Nemo - 02/10/2018

    A welcoming and growing community of overlanders has shown interest in running this trail. It incorporates forest, track, mud, and tunnel. If you want, you can spend the night in the local campgrounds and if your kids love Frozen and constantly sing the songs dip them in the many available...
  3. Merlin2111

    Dual Battery Setups

    I was wondering if most people patch together a dual battery system or if they go with some sort of a kit. After looking into it I think this might be the foundation of my electrical build out and I want to go about it in a smart way and don't know where to start. So who has them? How you do...
  4. Merlin2111

    January Middle TN Meet at The Casual Pint - 01/27/2018

    The Middle TN Overland Bound group is getting together again after a fun and successful Dirt Devil run. This is a simple afternoon of relaxing and hanging out. If people are up for it we may try to plan out more adventuresome meets for later in the year; Land Between the Lakes, Cheatham and...
  5. Merlin2111

    December Dirt Devil Run - 12/03/2017

    Everyone is welcome to join us for a December Dirt Devil Run. The Dirt Devil is a light trail full of winding woods, dirt trails, creek crossings, and colorful locals. The trail crosses many major roads so you can feel free to do the whole run or just join us for the morning. This trial has had...
  6. Merlin2111

    Trail Reports from the Central Tennessee Area

    After starting a thread about how the West Coast has all of the best roads I decided to do some research and see what I could find. I am going to put together what I find in one thread and add to it as I find more. If you have some favorites that you don't mind sharing I am sure we would all...
  7. Merlin2111

    West Coast Envy

    I have only been looking into overlanding for about a year or so and I can't help but feel envious of all of the open terrain and endless trails that there seems to be west of the Mississippi. I feel like I have done a lot of research around where to drive on the east coast, specifically around...
  8. Merlin2111

    Front Runner Slimline II with Accessories

    I bought and installed a Front Runner Slimline II rack on my GX470 this week. It is a modular rack that can adapt to your needs. It has a ton of accessories. I have the awning mounts, RTT mounts, and of course the bottle opener. Check out their site to see all the crazy stuff you can hook onto...