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  1. chuckoverland

    Lake Roosevelt dispersed camping

    Looking for info on dispersed camping over by lake Roosevelt. Heading over there to explore and camp for three days on sunday. Thanks in advance.
  2. chuckoverland

    Get this out of your kitchen ASAP!!!! Just wanting people to be safe. My sous chef got blown up by one of these on Tuesday.
  3. chuckoverland

    Supreme gas...

    So we are curious. A friend of ours who visited recently told us we should be using premium gas in our rigs (18 tacoma and 18 crosstrek). He says to use premium regardless of factory reccomendation. What are you guys thoughts?
  4. chuckoverland

    80/20 roof rack. Any advice?

    So I don't want to pay a grand for a frontrunner rack for the Subaru. I feel like something similar could be done with 80/20 aluminum. The only problem is that the only experience I have with 80/20 is with our premade Prinsu rack. If you've done it do you like it? Any design stuff you could...
  5. chuckoverland

    Sad pic

    Saw this at the Toyota dealer when we were in for a service. Sorry dude.
  6. chuckoverland

    Spokane to Moab to Great Sand Dunes

    So we decided that in we were going to plan a long road trip for our 10th anniversary in April 2020. Hoping to find some warmer weather in the spring and see some cool sights. The route we will likely take is I-90 east to I-15 and head south. We will break the drive up into 5 or 6 hour pushes...
  7. chuckoverland

    Vegas weekend

    So we are in vegas for three days. We were hoping to spend a day exploring around outside of the city. Any suggestions on cool landmarks, scenery, or cruising routes from other members? (We are driving a rented malibu so no off road ) Thanks in advance y'all!!
  8. chuckoverland

    Tacoma gas mileage

    So we love our new taco, its a 2018 trd off road. Advertised mileage was 18 city 22 hwy. Granted we live in a colder area, but we get as bad as 15 hwy and 11 city. We put K02's on and have messed with inflating the tires cold but not much hekp. Is anyone else having issues? Would an ecu mod...
  9. chuckoverland

    Inland Northwest Drinks and Dinner - 12/02/2018

    Lets meetup , check out rigs, and get some grub in north Spokane! 401 E. Farwell rd. Spokane, WA, 99218 View Rally Point Details
  10. chuckoverland

    Zombie vehicles

    Im not into the zombie craze, although i do love classic zombie movies. Thought I'd start a thread on zombie apocalypse vehicles after seeing this today.
  11. chuckoverland

    Our own commercial

    So they made a commercial just for us!!!
  12. chuckoverland

    Shady people

    So we headed up to priest lake. Thanks for the suggestion @Aaron Niemi ! We found a gnarly trail and a bunch of people in subarud looking for a natural waterslide up in the area. We set up camp and had a nice warm night by Lions Creek. Rained on us overnight so we slept in. As we were airing up...
  13. chuckoverland

    2018 Tacoma rock sliders?

    So we are looking for a good set of bolt on sliders for Chuck but i guess Toyota changed the bolt pattern on the frame for this year. Anyone know of a place thats making anything yet or is it just too new? Would prefer not to drill or weld is all.
  14. chuckoverland

    NW overland rally convoy from inland NW

    So ive submitted my vacation request for the rally. If i dont get it approved i quit. Who else from the inland northwest wants to convoy??
  15. chuckoverland

    You have 6000$ go

    You sell your 90 toyota truck for 6000$ dollars and put it into your new rig, what do you buy. RTT included, its gotta still fit in the garage. Go!
  16. chuckoverland

    Chuck 2.0

    This followed us home today. Gonna sell the 1990 to gear up. Will post additions as they come
  17. chuckoverland

    Best hard shell RTT?

    So after owning a Tuff Stuff Ranger for a year and having it relieved from our posession by theives, we have decided for many reasons to bite the bullet and buy a hardshell tent. Who has one? What brands are out there i dont know about? What are your likes / dislikes about yours or ones youve...
  18. chuckoverland

    Overlanding with instruments?

    Who else likes to drag along the old acoustic guitar out to the middle of no where. Bongos, harmonica, noisemakers of any sort? Has anyone else ever wanted to bring an electric and an amp out, hooked to the backup battery and solar, and play a sold out show to the birds and critters. But i was...
  19. chuckoverland

    Stolen in spokane

    So we will rebuild!! This time we are going to build a trailer that we can secure in the backyard. F$&k whoever stole our truck, stripped off the tent, front roof rack and cleared out the cab.
  20. chuckoverland

    Toyota registry: Hilux

    So theres a land cruiser thread, but the rest of us yota fans need to represent! Post pics and why you love your Toy. Chuck has taken us up and down the west coast, everytime im riding shotgun it reminds me of our 3 week home free trip.