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  1. NWNavigator

    Backroad Still lifes

    One of my favorite things to photograph when I travel are those found objects, worn walls, creaking doors and forgotten memories that draw my eye. As a professional in the film era I would wander around in the early morning hours with a few rolls of Kodachrome and my trusty Canon F1n. Now with...
  2. NWNavigator

    Backroads and Dusty Trails~Oregon's John Day

    A year ago I set myself a goal to find and photograph a West Slope Cutthroat Trout in Oregon. While this was not an impossible task as proven by the image above, it nevertheless involved plenty of research of the historical range of this special fish. The many miles of travel and the hours spent...
  3. NWNavigator

    Breakfast Meet-up at NWOR-Saturday, June 17th

    We have a casual plan to meet for breakfast on Saturday, June 17th at the Northwest Overland Rally. I thought we had better get an official plan thread going and a head count so we know how many eggs to crack. This will be a Stone Soup Potluck Breakfast so bring something to contribute. When...
  4. NWNavigator

    Off-Grid Engineering Dual Battery System

    I recently added an Engel refrigerator to the 4Runner and wanted to add a second battery under the hood to keep it happy while not compromising my starting battery. Research lead me to Off-Grid Engineering and their dual battery system for the 5th Gen 4Runner. Reviews elsewhere were favorable...
  5. NWNavigator

    Jame Baroud Explorer EVO RTT First Impression

    It seems that several folks rolling through here have roof top tents from James Baroud, but there is little in the way of user reviews posted. While I in no way feel qualified to voice a comprehensive long term review, I offer here a favorable first impression for those shopping for a home away...
  6. NWNavigator

    Northwest Overland Rally 2017

    I see registration is open for this year's event, but don't see a current thread. Not sure of the etiquette here, but tossing this out there. Maybe this could be a central place to exchange information and answer questions from us newbies about the event. So, anyone going? Been before...
  7. NWNavigator

    End of the Oregon Trail Meet Up This Weekend

    Just didn't want to leave anyone out. If you don't already know, we have a Overland Bound Meet-Up scheduled for this Sunday from 1:00 to 2:30.... More information is on the Meet-Up thread. Hope to see you there!
  8. NWNavigator

    Snowbound? Volunteer for Meals on Wheels

    Here in the Portland area life as we know it has come to a screeching halt with the snow fall. If you don't have to work today, or if you can get out of it for a little while, call your local Meals on Wheels chapter and volunteer.... They can always use folks with 4wheel drive on days like this...
  9. NWNavigator

    End of the Oregon Trail Meet Up- West Linn, OR

    Ok, technically the end of the Oregon Trail is across the Willamette River from here, but we needed a cool name for this Meet Up... Date: Sunday, January 29th, 2017 Time: 1:00PM-2:30PM Where: Royal Treatment Fly Fishing- lower parking lot 21570 Willamette Drive, West Linn, OR...
  10. NWNavigator

    Team Overland Truck Show, anyone going?

    Team Overland is hosting a 4x4 truck show in Medford, OR this Sunday, September 24th, anyone going? I've emailed back and forth with Matt and was thinking of making a blast down to support the efforts and find out more about Team Overland. Seems they use Overlanding trips to help Vets dealing...