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  1. CROwarrior21m

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    I removed the dash cam to get it swapped for a different one. I also picked up the center console box for the Tacoma. I plan on drilling into the current one installed (original), so this is the backup in case I was to sell the rig, then everything can come out and good as new. Or if I mess up...
  2. CROwarrior21m

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Picked up a dash cam, looking to pick up some RAM Mounts to attach/hold navigation tablets and paper map storage.
  3. CROwarrior21m

    Camping gear list...

    Agreed. I picked up a used REI tent that ended up being in great condition from that REI warehouse sale or something or other. Build as you go.
  4. CROwarrior21m

    2014 Tacoma Build Thread

    I am also now trying out a Dash Cam. Not required for Overlanding, but figured with recent family/friends getting hit that this might be an investment in the long term. Not sure how I like this one specifically, but giving it a try.
  5. CROwarrior21m

    2014 Tacoma Build Thread

    Thanks. Yeah I'll have to grab a picture of where I mounted the air compressor. I thought I had a picture on my phone, but I don't. Mounted in the engine bay with bolt on bracket.
  6. CROwarrior21m

    Arizona Overlanders

    How was all that rain from that hurricane? I wasn't there, but family told me they get like 4+ inches. Hope trails survived.
  7. CROwarrior21m

    Coffee Set Ups

    Right now, I take just the grounds. Like you, i have a list in my wish list.
  8. CROwarrior21m

    first aid kit recommendations

    I usually will build my kits for that I am trained for and what I think I need, which I have to remember to keep tamed, otherwise it will be the size of the truck. I think the training is just as important as the equipment, because I you don't know how to use it correctly, then it can cause more...
  9. CROwarrior21m

    2014 Tacoma Build Thread

    Installation of the ARB air compressor in the engine bay with the Iggy Switch Panel.
  10. CROwarrior21m

    2014 Tacoma Build Thread

    2014 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road How she currently sits: Current Mods List: CAO 05/2019 Armor: Wheels and Tires: Suspension: Drivetrain/Power: Recovery: Lighting/Electrical: Navigation/Comms: Gaia GPS App (9/2018) Exterior: Tail Gate Lock (11/2014) Shortened Antenna (5/2017)...
  11. CROwarrior21m

    Hello from Phoenix, AZ

    Hello! Welcome and cannot wait to see you out there.
  12. CROwarrior21m

    Lifestyle Overland 2014 4Runner Build

    Hey thanks for the photo. I thought it was something attached under the radio, didn't think about attaching it way down on the center console. Something I didn't consider. Appreciate it!
  13. CROwarrior21m

    New Zealand Trip

    Currently planning a trip across New Zealand. Basing it mostly on what my brothers did a few years ago, but looking for other things to add to the list to try and hit up. Won't be with my truck, but will consist of plently of camping sites between beaches, mountains and fjords. Won't be any...
  14. CROwarrior21m

    Lifestyle Overland 2014 4Runner Build

    Hey, out-freaking-standing rig. I enjoy the buildup, it's pretty slick looking. I have been also following your adventure on YT. One thing if I can ask, I think it was a Death Valley video, but it looked like you nav/comm was in the attached to the center dash area in which the passenger can...
  15. CROwarrior21m

    Jeep Wrangler Burns to the Ground.

    Glad he is good. Makes me want to re think about the location and stoarge of critical SHTF gear. Curious about the cause.
  16. CROwarrior21m

    Hello! New Guy Here

    Got some photos finally. Different computer over here! Work in progress, only have a bed lock and an ARB air compressor in the engine compartment. Looking at suspension and tires next. Current tires have something like 80,000+ mi on them.
  17. CROwarrior21m

    Coffee Set Ups

    I use the Stanley Vacuum Coffee System. Wasn't too bad, a bit more grit than I expected, but worked. I do need to get a grinder though.
  18. CROwarrior21m

    Hello! New Guy Here

    Thank you all. You all are really making me want to get back to the outdoors.
  19. CROwarrior21m


    I think this thread has become my happy place. I'm an armature photographer, focusing more on the landscapes. I also take photos for work when needed. Running a Nikon d5600 right now, but my glass is all FX, so upgrade in the future sometime.
  20. CROwarrior21m

    Arizona Overlanders

    Not in Arizona at this time, but hopefully in April for a couple weeks. That's where my truck is currently sitting.