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  1. CampWithChin

    My recent solo adventure - 7889 miles in 17.5 days

    I just recent completed this route - 7889 miles in 17.5 days. I was camping all 17 nights with a mix of rest area, national forest, BLM and campground. I visited 10+ national parks along the route and wheel/trail ride in Ouray CO and Moab UT. I camped along the Rio Grande River in Big Bend...
  2. CampWithChin

    2019 Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival

    Over the weekend, I attended the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival (MAOF) at Huntingdon PA. I have a great time at the event. Great weather, awesome venue, good vendor and make many new friends. Here is the video of my journey to MAOF
  3. CampWithChin

    2013 Toyota LC200 build

    I’m starting this thread to track my build. I acquired a new rig. It’s a 2013 Toyota LC200. 3 weeks of ownership now and using as my daily commuter. A few upgrade already in progress. 1. Tint front windows to legal 2. Weather liner 3. BFG KO2 AT tires ordered.
  4. CampWithChin

    CA Atlantic Canada Trip planning to Labrador and Newfoundland via James Bay Road

    I'm currently trying to plan for another exploration trip back to Newfoundland in summer 2019. I have about 17 days and my route planning as the map below. Leaving MA to Quebec and explore James Bay Road. Spend a few days exploring JBR to Chisasibi/Radisson. Then head to Trans-labrador...
  5. CampWithChin

    MA to AZ/UT/CO trip planning

    I'm planning our 2018 trip out west. Typically, I have about 2+ weeks time in July/Aug. I have about 5 days from MA to AZ via southern route (route 66 visit). Will be trying to disperse camping as much as possible. My first plan is MA-AZ drive within 5 days. Then from AZ head north to Moab...
  6. CampWithChin

    2017 summer trip

    Since 2014, we have been trying to travel and explore with vehicle during summer. This year, I'm planning a similar trip like 2015 and travelled westbound again. Our destination will be the canadian rockies. We will be base camping in 2 area, Banff and Jasper. Here is our preliminary route...
  7. CampWithChin

    CampWithChin 2010 Toyota Sequoia

    I got my 2nd Gen Toyota Sequoia about a year now. The SUV is very solid, comfort, roomy & capable engine. Due to my requirement, I opt for a 8 seater SUV instead of 5 seater Toyota Tundra Crewcab. Since owning, I have started to build it for overlanding/expedition use. I have future plan to...
  8. CampWithChin

    Hi from MA New England area

    Hi all, I'm just found this forum as I'm in progress building my overland rig. This is my 2010 Toyota Sequoia. I will mostly use the truck to explore the MA/NH/VT/ME area. I also do long distance trip out all direction.