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  1. stoney126

    Overland pros ground tent

    Measures 6x7 at the base Talles tallest part 6.5 Shortest 5.5 feet Tent was a prototype. Quick set up. Take a few minutes to set your first few times. In pretty good shape . Has a small tear in the corner that I cover with gorilla tape. Tent has been great but it is long and I don't have a...
  2. stoney126

    US West 2003 7.3 cc sb superduty

    So I'm gonna sell the superduty. Didnt think I ever would but I barely drive it. Needing to put a trans in it really drove that home. So the pros and cons Pros 2003 7.3 diesel with a 140k miles Oil changed every 5k at most using rotella t6 and motor craft filter . Donaldson pretty fuel/water...
  3. stoney126

    US West 2019 jlu rubicon

    Hey all, I'm selling my 2019 jlu Rubicon. 3.6 with automatic. Hard top with hot head headliners with side panels. Front windows tinted . All stock besides that. Have had the wheel rotated and oil changed already. 4300 ish miles. Trailer tow group with aux switches/Led lighting group Black...
  4. stoney126

    Cascade mountain camp chairs 64.99 for two chairs. I'm looking at shrinking up the space in my jeep. The folding chairs I bring usually take up alot of room. Trying avoid racks on this jeep. Anyway anyone dealt with this company? Costco usually...
  5. stoney126

    Death valley clean up

    Hey Saw the other thread closed. Late to the party. Not trying to continue an argument but I was going haul butt down there this weekend in my pickup and grab what ever I can that's left and get out of dodge. I'm not real familiar with the area. My truck is a 4x4 superduty mild lift in 35s...
  6. stoney126

    May road trip - need help planning for Utah and Az

    Hey all, I need your help planning a trip. Im planning on leaving Napa CA on the 4th of may after work or leave on the 5th and blast out of Ca. After this the route is a blur as Ive only taken 80 through Utah and nevada and never left the freeway . My Plan is to see Utah and AZ and make my...
  7. stoney126

    FOR SALE 2016 Toyota 4runner

    Hi all , selling my 4 runner trail with KDSS. Has 15,7xx miles. Has entune radio. All stock minus tinted front windows to match the rears. Performed oil change and tire rotation every 5 k . Asking 37999 for it. The bad , missing one key fob. And has a small rock chip in the windshield which is...
  8. stoney126

    FOR SALE 2014 jeep jku rubicon

    Hi all, Jeep is a 2014 Rubicon with painted fenders and roof. Windows are tinted though they are bit to dark. Heated Leather seats. Has navigation and stock speakers. Has hot head headliners and side panels with sound deadener. Also has some storage bags mounted on the sides can see in pics...
  9. stoney126

    Little body damage, how to fix it?

    Hey all, while up in plumas I found a log sticking out using my doors. Front door is not as bad as the rear. Wondering if anyone has used a body repair tools such as those used by the paintless dent reapir guys to fix something like this. The hard top has has a 2 inch in it as well, will have...
  10. stoney126

    hitting up alabama hills

    gonna take off after work tomorrow and make the trek down there. Coming back sunday. Any suggestions on a local spot to check and camp after Alabama hills.
  11. stoney126

    2 vehicles into - life changes

    hey all , I come seeking advise or another perspective I might not be seeing. I currently own a 03 7.3 superduty 4x4 and a 14 rubicon jku which Im still making payments on but not underwater on at all . Some changes are coming up where I may need to look at going down to one vehicle or maybe not...
  12. stoney126

    Shelter logic 10x10 popup canopy

    Hey all I have two 10x10 shelter logic pop up canopys. Used them once for my sister in laws wedding. I'm actually keeping a 3rd one. Both tops are white. Also selling them with 2 walls each. Those are brand new in the box . A bit dusty from sitting forever. Price online is average of 180 with...
  13. stoney126

    Jku awning options

    Hey all, I'm running a garvin roof rack on my jku. I'm looking at a few different awning styles from front runner, arb and tuffstuff. However I can't seem to find how they attach. I haven't decided between a side or rear mounted or a foxwing awning. Some attachment shots and small review if...
  14. stoney126

    Vehicle maintenance - Inspection and Tools

    Greeting all, I have assumed that most on this site are pretty mechanically inclined and do most of maintenance themselves. But Id thought I'd run over some things As far as Maintenance and parts to look at during inspection along with some tools That may be worth investing in that may aid with...
  15. stoney126

    Alabama Hills/Death Valley November 10/13 with stops in between

    SEE PAGE 8 POST #72 this thread from @Narbob My game plan is to arrive and camp at Alabama Hills on Thursday November 10th no later than 1500hrs, others will be rolling in throughout the night. Friday morning leisurely break camp and leave around 1100ish, allowing for late arrivals. First a stop...
  16. stoney126

    So motorcycle overlanding

    So I don't see much chit chat about motorcycle Overlanding. @benchoochoo is rolling a street bob(one of my favorites) . Also the sv650 has made a comeback. The idea of strapping on a back pack and a Lil bit of gear and hitting the road sounds awesome. I know the BMW is super popular. So anyone...
  17. stoney126

    So much AwesomeNess at OTG 2

    So many awesome rides and great people. For as many people that were there it seemed like a tight group. Not an ounce of animosity, just laughter and good times. Seriously I've never had so many bro hugs in my life lol. Such a good time wish I could have talked with everybody but my weak body...
  18. stoney126

    Off The Grid 2016 PICTURES

    Put up some pics from the ralley! I didn't take many unfortunately and have been scouring instagram for some pics.
  19. stoney126

    Everyone make it back ok from OTG?

    Hey all, besides missing my right turn and rolling down a country road for miles and a Lil traffic it was smooth sailing. Hope everyone made it ok
  20. stoney126

    Aev type wheel for older Superduty

    Hey all. I have a 03 Superduty that is going to get a lol love from me. The leveling springs I got from rough country several years ago are going to be replaced. I'm going to get a 4 inch kit from icon racing eventually. The difficult part I'm running into is wheels. Finding one with the 4.5...