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  1. Christian

    budget drawer built

    made from 10mm plywood and self-locking slides. frankly I need to admit that it looks like a prototype. just roughly painted, no handles etc., tie down eyes and connecting bolts for both casings are still to come. if the first field test is a success, casings might receive an anthracite...
  2. Christian

    1-burner camp stove

    folks, another quick one. on our last trip through norway we found out, that our two-burner stove was a bit too much for just the two of us. on the other hand, the typical china or trucker one-burner stove sold with the plastic case is absolutely unsuitable, as it neither allows simmering, nor...
  3. Christian

    DIY camping stove lights

    another dead easy one: - tube clips/holder - usb powerbank - usb stick lights
  4. Christian

    DIY awning lights

    folks, a quick, easy and bargain DIY project for LED awning light that attach to the awning rafter arms: - 60/m 5630 LED Stripe warm white IP65 - aluminum U-section 15x15x2mm - 25/21mm acrylic tube and fitting chair leg caps - 2-core round cord, DIN plug/connector
  5. Christian

    solar/battery/power-supply solution

    hey guys, didn't know where to place, hope the DIY section is ok. I want to share my installation of a solar powered dual battery and ac-power supply system in our daily driver, without losing cargo space .. frankly, this is LR3/4 specific, but may be adapted to other rigs with similar trunk...
  6. Christian

    stove experts wanted - how to convert gas connections

    hello OB members, I'm looking for a new 2-burner stove. And unfortunately I like the ones that are only available abroad, in north america or australia.. from my research it will either be a coleman fyrechampion, or stansport 2-burner stove. task is now: how to change fittings to use the...