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  1. Punk'n_Willy

    MaxTrax Recovery Boards

    The question I have is how many are most people running with? I see a mix between 2 and 4. I'm assuming if you are roaming solo 4 is probably better than 2, but if you are roaming in groups I assume that 2 is just fine.
  2. Punk'n_Willy

    Hurricane Ida

    Hope all affected by the recent hurricane are safe and can recover quickly from any damage sustained.
  3. Punk'n_Willy

    Heating solutions

    So the wife and I are hoping to get out for our first trip this fall after we get our daughter settled back up in college. We will be sleeping in the Jeep utilizing the DeepSleep4Jeep mattress. Would a 12v plug-in heating pad or blanket be our best solution for this current setup? I am also...
  4. Punk'n_Willy

    New member in PA

    Hello everyone. Finally decided to pull the trigger on becoming a member as the wife and I get ready to hopefully do some Jeep camping this fall after the kiddo heads back off to school. I'm coming from the Mustang community after almost 20 years. We wanted something more adventurous and what...