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  1. Rogue Beardsman

    Moved to Death Valley (adventure thread)

    After a few tough months of being unemployed and staying with family, I have found my next adventure. I got a job in Death Valley National Park with Death Valley Lodging Company. I will be working at Stovepipe Wells! On Wednesday April 12th I will be starting my road trip from New Jersey to...
  2. Rogue Beardsman

    Jack my stuff up. Need jack help/ suggestions.

    Im looking for some ideas for jacks to carry in the rig. I have a hi lift for recovery and stuff like that but use a scissor jack for everything else. Only problem is i have issues with them over time. The extensions bending and snapping and such. I have a bottle jack but and i thought that...
  3. Rogue Beardsman

    OB Approved Hypothermia: What is it, How to treat and prevent it.

    Hypothermia Today I would like to talk about Hypothermia. Hypothermia is the lowering of the body's core temperature to a level where normal brain and muscle functions are impaired. It typically happens when several things occur simultaneously: low temperatures (<40F/4.5C), wet conditions...
  4. Rogue Beardsman

    2006 Xterra "Adventure Edition"

    Here is my rig so far. 2006 Nissan Xterra Mods Volant CAI Dynomax Exhaust Intake Manifold Spacer Suspension/Wheels/Tires 1.5"Wheel Spacers Toyo ATII Tires 265/75R16 Radflo 2.0 Inch/650Coils Spc UCAs Rear AAL Radflo Emulsions Rear Shocks Interior LOTS of sand LED map/dome lights Weathertec...
  5. Rogue Beardsman

    Camp dishes.

    I hate doing dishes. I hate dishes even more when camping. I was wondering what everyone does with dirty dishes. I am trying to smooth out my camp set up and keep organized better. But dishes. For short overnights I have been just putting them in a bag and washing them when I get home but...
  6. Rogue Beardsman

    OB Approved Heat- Related Injuries

    In the outdoor setting, some of the most common emergencies are heat related. These emergencies can be prevented with a little knowledge and preparedness. If a heat illness is unrecognized or left intreated, it can easily progress in to a life threatening emergency. Below you will find causes of...
  7. Rogue Beardsman

    Favorite Driving Snack

    While on the trail or on road trips, what kind of snacks does everyone like while behind the wheel? Most of my road trip snacks are jerky based. Turkey jerky,Pork Jerky, Beef Jerky, Bacon Jerky, Spicy Jerky... Ill end my Gump list there. Other than that ill have a soft pretzel or homemade...
  8. Rogue Beardsman

    Capitol Reef NP Burr Trail, Glen Canyon NRA, Monument Valley Tribal Park

    On August 11th/12th I set out on a nice little trip through Souther Utah/ Northern Arizona. Day one I was living on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon so the first day I made my way to Boulder Utah via 89a/89 and hwy 12. I made good time to Boulder so I continued on 12 to 24 and went into...