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  1. 472HemiGTX

    New project - Ambulance conversion

    LOL, Yeah we stripped the flooring, sealed it with KILZ and have used about 5 gallons of bleach cleaning. At least it had been setting about 10 years since it was used as an ambulance.
  2. 472HemiGTX

    New project - Ambulance conversion

    Thanks. You're right, it's little cramped on head room but I'm 5'9" and my wife is 5'2" so she has no problem. But then again, we don't plan to send that much time inside. Luckily this old beast served a small Oregon town and was well maintained until 2010 and then as a storage unit for RV...
  3. 472HemiGTX

    New project - Ambulance conversion

    Also got some outside mods done. I bought a used van roof rack off of Farcebook Marketplace. It was the correct width turned sidewise and a good base to work off of to build the front supports for mounting the three 100 watt solar panels. The extended rails on the passenger side are where the...
  4. 472HemiGTX

    New project - Ambulance conversion

    Haven't posted any updates for a while. I get busy and don't take many pictures of the progress. Been working on a lot of little odds and ends that needed finished up. The latest big project was reconfiguring the side bench to accommodate the bed/bench and stow away table. The bench seat is on...
  5. 472HemiGTX

    What are your favorite adventure trailer gadgets and "hacks"?

    Here's a few of mine: Swing out BBQ mount arm that I built from some scrap laying around the shop: Adjustable stove mount made from discarded department store shelf brackets and leftover dzus fastener from an old racecar project: Solar water tank made from an aluminum dog water tank that...
  6. 472HemiGTX

    I want to see the Rams

    Most recent picture on the way to camp last week.
  7. 472HemiGTX

    Rig Photos

    Spent the last 5 days on the Owyhee River - Eastern Oregon
  8. 472HemiGTX

    Trailer pros and cons...opinions??

    My trailer has been no issues getting where we want to go. If you are going to be on rough trails, rear departure and ground clearance are definitely considerations. I did put a Max Coupler articulating hitch on mine. The one thing is securing everything inside, it has taken me a couple years...
  9. 472HemiGTX

    Overlanding/Camping holster

    I prefer leather pancake holsters. For me, they conform a little better and are less obtrusive to snag on stuff when hiking, hunting, around camp or getting in and out of vehicles. I use a Galco Fletch (strap retention) when carrying my Kimber Ultra Carry and recently went to an Urban Carry...
  10. 472HemiGTX

    Need a good axe!

    I second the Fiskars, mine has been a great tool and is part of my load out, no matter which vehicle we are in.
  11. 472HemiGTX

    New Member - Portland Area

    Welcome from Central Oregon.
  12. 472HemiGTX

    Who here plans Overland trips around Fishing?

    Guilty. There's a flyrod and gear permanently stored in my Jeep. The Owyhee, Deschutes, Williamson, and Metolius Rivers are some of our normal destinations. Some trips include the drift boat. Nothing like standing in a secluded spot on a river and casting a fly to make the rest of the world...
  13. 472HemiGTX

    What is your favorite overland/camp stove?

    I really like my Camp Chef Mountaineer. Good flame control and plenty of heat when needed. It's been banging around in my offroad trailer for 3 years with no issues.
  14. 472HemiGTX

    Lets See Some Drone Shots

    Owyhee River Oregon
  15. 472HemiGTX

    Howdy from Lewiston!

    Welcome from Central Oregon. I really want to explore the Scablands west of you this year.
  16. 472HemiGTX

    New project - Ambulance conversion

    Started on electrical this weekend but had to take a break, it's 20 degrees and snowing. The area that used to house the heater/AC unit that ran off the engine will now be an electronics cabinet to hold the 2000W inverter, MPPT for the 300 watt solar panels and DC to DC charger.
  17. 472HemiGTX

    New project - Ambulance conversion

    The galley copper backsplash and side boards are installed. I also built a silverware drawer/cutting board combo and finished out the furnace box.
  18. 472HemiGTX

    Show me your drawer systems!

    Here's the one that I built for my Jeep.
  19. 472HemiGTX

    New project - Ambulance conversion

    Just posting some updates from the long New Years weekend. Most of the disassembly is complete and things are starting to go back together. The galley is cabinet and countertop are cut and fitted. Fridge and microwave are mocked up. The Propex heater arrived and has been mounted. This weekend...