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    Alabama Hills - Is there snow?

    Hello All, I'm thinking about hitting up Alabama hills with our not offload travel trailer in tow. It has high clearance with 31's on it but it's 23 long and will rattle to bits on anything real offload. From what I can tell it can go into Alabama Hills just fine. My question is, is there snow...
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    Snow and trail status? Red Lake to Blue Lake Forestdale Rd Markleyville to Hope Valley CA

    Hi All, I have been wanting to go run this one with the kids, maybe scout some of the lakes to do some back country paddle boarding and looking for a place for my 5 year olds birthday. He wants to wheel into the back country and eat cake on top of a hill or mountain for his birthday so I am...
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    Below Snow line trail recommendations near Placerville CA

    Hello All, My brother sold his old 4 runner and got an 80 series land cruiser. We just finished wrenching on it and the lift, tires and wheels are done so it's ready for the trail. Only problem is all the usual trails we would head to are heavily snowed in right now. We are wheeling with kids...
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    Need Alabama hills info

    Hi All I am thinking about heading to Alabama hills in the next week. I have a 23 foot travel trailer with decent clearance, 15’ wheels and all terrains. Like any travel trailer a bunch of washboard road would shake it to bits. Is there a place there that is pretty good dirt road that I could...
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    New HAM needs help from Old HAM

    Hi all, I’m an OB member who just got his ham license. I’m just waiting for my call sign to hit the database! I however, know nothing about ham radio except the test questions. I’ve been digging through online finding lists of simplex frequencies and local repeaters to program my radio. I...
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    Need Trail recommendations in the San Luis Obispo Area?

    Hello ALL, We are heading to Pismo next month and going to spend a day in the dunes. I'm wondering if any of you know of an easy to moderate inland trail to take the kids on that is in a beautiful area or has a good view. We will be a 3-4 rig convey. 3 tundras and a 100 series land cruiser. Any...
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    Receiver hitch shackle mount or just the pin for use with soft shackles?

    Hello All, I am switching to soft shackles and trying to get all the metal out of my recover system. Between myself and my brother who I generally go with we have a bubba rope kinetic recovery rope, 4 gator jaw soft shackles, a tree saver strap, and 2 maxtrax each. I am new to soft shackles and...
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    Pismo / Oceano Dunes recommendations?

    Hello All, I am going down to Oceano Dunes in Pismo in about a month. I have only been there once, we had about an hour to kill, went for a short drive on the beach and left. I'd like to explore a bit more. I will have my 5 year old in the truck so nothing too hardcore. We will be 3 rigs, a...
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    Rated recovery points for gen 2 Tundra

    Hello All, For the back I will use a receiver hitch shackle mount with soft shackles as a recovery point but for the front the tow hooks aren't a rated recovery point. Even equalizing off the two they are still an open hook which I'm not a fan of. Does anyone know of an actual bolt on rated...
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    Has anyone driven the road to Burnside Lake in Hope Valley Recently?

    Has anyone driven the road to Burnside lake in hope Valley off of 89 recently? I have not been out there in 10 years. The last time I drove it, it was pretty mellow and would definitely be a kid friendly trail to drive on but I don’t know what condition it’s in now. I’d like to take my son up...
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    OB Approved 10 Tips For Sleeping Warm In Camp

    Sleeping Warm in Camp Hello All, I am new to Overland Bound but have been travelling in the mountains for 29 years and spent over 10 years as a backpacking, mountain and raft guide. Being new here I wanted to be able to give back and contribute something to the group right off the bat. I...