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  1. Randy.Hill

    Anyone have current info on roads around Moab?

    Thanks, I'm sitting in a restaurant in Moab now :) seems like the storm that had me nervous passed to the north. Going to be playing tourist tomorrow, checking things out and planning my next trip. I'm thinking I may make the drive from RI an annual trip.
  2. Randy.Hill

    Anyone have current info on roads around Moab?

    I'm driving from Phoenix back to Rhode Island and am planning on driving through Moab on Tuesday/Wednesday. I know that a lot of the back roads are closed, but I was wondering about the drive through with heavy mountain snow in the forecast for this weekend.
  3. Randy.Hill

    Calling all NH people.

    Rhode island based, but in NH a couple times a month. So I'd be interested.
  4. Randy.Hill

    North East Backcountry Discovery Route

    I saw that, didn't realize at first it was for bikes and was wondering about some of the route....makes more sense that it's not all 4wd friendly :)
  5. Randy.Hill

    Arizona backcountry discovery route in April

    Thanks for posting this. Going to be down in Arizona next week (road trip from Rhode Island) and looking for some ideas for things to do.
  6. Randy.Hill

    US East Mass. Meet and Greet

    Great to see the event, but I'm going to be driving to Arizona on Saturday and can't make it.
  7. Randy.Hill

    Southwestern US trip in February

    About to start planning a trip from Rhode Island to Arizona, so I'll be interested in what you find. I'm sure someone has done a New England to Utah roadtrip :)
  8. Randy.Hill

    East Region Q4 Update

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to a great what mods should I plan for next year?
  9. Randy.Hill

    East Region Fall Roundup (2nd Annual) - 10/05/2018

    I see that the GPS location is at Cedar River Flow, but the directions/maps that were uploaded were for a location further in down by Otter Brook. Is that a backup if Cedar River Flow area is full, or has the location moved down to the sites by Otter Book?
  10. Randy.Hill

    East Region Fall Roundup (2nd Annual) - 10/05/2018

    Excellent! Looking forward to going.
  11. Randy.Hill

    Cooler vs Fridge: Which is right for you?

    that's what I have on my Xterra,. Had my first low voltage issue last weekend. 4 days in northern maine in mostly rainy, cloudy weather and I didn't start of the weekend with topped off batteries :) I'm only running 60 amp hours worth of battery capacity, which I didn't expect to be...
  12. Randy.Hill

    Region East Fall Roundup - 10/13/2017

    Glad you managed to find something instead of cancelling it.
  13. Randy.Hill

    Trees and Coffee (Eastern Mass Meetup) - 08/19/2017

    Although, getting a email tonight saying Event Cancelled - Eastern Mass Meetup is very confusing.
  14. Randy.Hill

    Trees and Coffee (Eastern Mass Meetup) - 08/19/2017

    I'm planning on being there, just changed from a maybe to a yes. Looking at the GPS coordinates, we're meeting deep in the woods? or are we really going to meet at one of the parking areas like we did last time?
  15. Randy.Hill

    Region East Winter Run Ideas

    I usually am doing day trips to New Hampshire. Hike, snowshoe and cross country ski. A lot of the secondary paved roads in the White Mountains are gated and closed for the winter as well.
  16. Randy.Hill

    Event Cancelled - Eastern Mass Meetup

    Thats a lot better than meeting after work. Thanks.
  17. Randy.Hill

    Event Cancelled - Eastern Mass Meetup

    Thursday's won't work for me as I work in Groton, CT
  18. Randy.Hill

    Overland Bound - East Facebook Group

    Sent a join request as well, didn't see any way to send a message with my OB member number, so this will have to do.
  19. Randy.Hill

    Eastern Mass Monthly Meetup

    Works for me, although they are talking about another snow storm next week :)