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  1. 472HemiGTX

    New project - Ambulance conversion

    With both Jeeps, the Ram and the offroad trailer pretty much finished and recently selling two other 2 vehicles and my motorcycle, it was time to look for a new winter project. We were toying with doing the Sprinter conversion thing but I can't justify what people are getting for a used Sprinter...
  2. 472HemiGTX

    US Northwest Free Jeep JK bumpers

    If anybody in Central Oregon needs a set of stock JK bumpers, I have set for free. Good shape, includes stock tow hooks and plastic front skid plate. Came off my 2013.
  3. 472HemiGTX

    Amazon Prime day today Jackery 240 for $199

    Just an FYI, if your an Amazon Prime member, they have the Jackery 240 for $199 today.
  4. 472HemiGTX

    Deal on E-bay - New Scepter 5 gallon water jugs for $10

    Anyone need inexpensive water jugs? Just ordered a couple of these off E-bay. They are not the military version but for $10 and free shipping, I can use a couple spares: E-bay listing # 161412549517
  5. 472HemiGTX

    Jeep JKU rear drawer DIY project

    Another quarantine project. I have been looking at drawer systems for my Jeep JKU. I didn't want anything real tall that would take up all the space in back. The other challenge is the cost on many of the drawer systems out there was waaayyyyy more than I wanted to spend. Well I found a couple...
  6. 472HemiGTX

    Quarantine trailer upgrades

    Between working from home right now (which means no 70 mile round trip commute) and staying home on the weekends, I have had time to get some stuff done. Cleaned and went through the trailer contents and did a number of upgrades to the trailer so it will be ready for summer. Cleaned up the...
  7. 472HemiGTX

    Never mind

    Content deleted
  8. 472HemiGTX

    SOLD Garmin Oregon 650T GPS

    Garmin Oregon 650T GPS- excellent shape, used very little. I got a tablet for Christmas and already have a Rino handheld. Complete with box, cord, Garmin charger, carabiner and RAM mount. $175 shipped in CONUS. I can do Paypal. PM interested. Thanks The bright spots on the screen in the...
  9. 472HemiGTX

    2013 Jeep JK axle upgrades.

    I love my Ram but have always like the look of the the JK 4 doors. After selling my Challenger that didn't get driven much, I bought a 2013 JKU Sport last spring. I looked at Rubicons but I'm not going rock crawling and felt like the Rock Trac 4.1 transfer case was too low for most of the stuff...
  10. 472HemiGTX

    Alright let's see the cool stuff you got for Christmas.

    Please share the cool stuff you got or gave for Christmas. Hope everyone had a good one. My best gift was spending time with my family. But this as a pretty cool present from my boys. A collapsible fire pit and sign for the expedition trailer.
  11. 472HemiGTX

    Anybody up for a Central Oregon meet up and overnight trip April 21-22

    Putting it out there for an overnighter to Glass Butte in Central Oregon, 77 miles east of Bend. Looking at April 21-22, weather permitting. I have yet to go there but it looks pretty cool. Check it out on the internet. You can collect obsidian (legally) and there is dry camping with porta...
  12. 472HemiGTX

    2012 Ram 1500 facelift

    Fairly new to the forum but not to off roading and the outdoors in general. After 110,000 miles of camping, hunting, fishing and daily commuting, it's time to retire my faithful 2012 Ram 1500 to weekend adventure duty and give it some upgrades/facelift. I have been collecting parts for a while...