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  1. BlackBear

    Windshield Pics...

    Lets see some of those windshield pics....
  2. BlackBear


    Who is going to NWOR and/or BCOR?
  3. BlackBear

    10 Reasons Why Winter Camping is Great!

    1) I'm a Canadian and I love winter 2) Utter Silence. It’s rare to hear absolute silence. If you haven’t experienced this, it’s pure bliss. 3) No crowds. You can camp anywhere you want. 4) No fire bans! There is nothIng better than a winter fire. 5) No bugs or mosquitos. 6) Wildlife is easier to...
  4. BlackBear

    White Rim Trail, Moab

    We spent two days on the White Rim Trail! It was an awesome trail... Come prepared because there are long rocky stretches, deep sand, steep climbs, skinny trails, and no rescue/recovery for more than 100 miles. Also, you must have a permit as there is limited access/usage.
  5. BlackBear

    Great summer of Overlanding!

    I had a great year of Overlanding from winter trails, Moab, summer and alpine camping and now the fall fun starts!
  6. BlackBear

    Overland cooking....

    Would love to here about some cool overland cooking ideas... simple to exotic. Here is a picture of a simple meal...picked up some Chinese at the local deli going through town, quick to heat up on the trail, add some rice and presto!
  7. BlackBear

    BC Overland Rally

    I took in the first annual BC Overland Rally...lots of fun, cool rigs and even saw a couple of Overland Bound members!
  8. BlackBear

    BC Overland Rally (BCOR)

    An all-inclusive event, the BCOR is family friendly, and suitable for those who are just venturing into the outdoors, all the way to experienced global travellers. Mini-van, motorbike, Jeep or Unimog, drive what'cha got, and have fun. When: June 22-25, 2017 Where: Sasquatch Mountain Resort...
  9. BlackBear

    My new Overland Trailer

    My “overland” trailers is a purposisly built camping off-road trailer that is hand built in Calgary Canada. It has been built for durability and performance with a lot of care and attention to quality. This unit is an improvement on the old steel M101/416 military trailers for your off-road...
  10. BlackBear

    Transalta Road - South Ghost

    To Get There: Take HWY 40 (Forestry Trunk Road) north from HWY 1A, just east of Ghost Lake. Continue for 21.4km until Richards Road joins HWY 40. Continue North on HWY 40 for another 200m to a dirt road on your left. Cross a cattle guard and pass a sign board on your right. Continue for another...
  11. BlackBear

    Merry Christmas!

    May all your overland adventures come true and 2017 finds you, your family and friend happy and healthy!
  12. BlackBear

    Winter Overlanding....

    Here are some of my winter overland pictures....
  13. BlackBear

    BlackBear Limestone Fall Run

    Limestone Mountain is a great destination and the 360 degree view is amazing. You get great views of the long ridge walk that runs from Eagle Mtn to the Clearwater River near 40 Mile Cabin. You can see Baseline Lookout due north about 50 km away as well as Bluehill Lookout to the south east...
  14. BlackBear

    BlackBear's 2016 fall run to the Top of The World

    Mclean Creek's Top of The World is located 60km Southwest of Calgary, AB off highway 66 and is one of the most popular places in Southern Alberta for off-road adventuring. There are a number of nice campgrounds in the area with opportunities for fishing, hiking and mountain biking. Stay to...
  15. BlackBear

    BlackBear's 2016 Whipsaw Adventure

    Whipsaw trail run...the trail is not difficult, however, there are some steeps sections, rocky ledges, several steep loose stone climbs with some mud. Elevation change is from 800 – 1890 metres. Some of the trail can be narrow, poor passing between oncoming vehicles and pinstripes to your...
  16. BlackBear

    McLean Creek

    McLean Creek, Kananaskis...Top of The World: A fun day with a beautiful view of the mountains! A perfect place to take the Jeep with friends. Thanks for the pictures Brad.
  17. BlackBear

    Great Little Radio!

    A number of us are moving away from CB radios. BAOFENG / BF-P8 UHF/VHF is a great radio. Better coverage and programable! What are you guys using?
  18. BlackBear

    Always a new trail to explore...

    Started off chatting with an old time logger and scoped out a trail worth exploring......Yard Creek Road to the end, then up an active logging trail, then branched off onto an abandon trail. Started off at 1195 ft above sea level and topped off at to 4818 ft with an average grade of 15%. I...
  19. BlackBear

    Spring snow....

    We were attempting to reach the top of Limestone mountain (7,414 ft mountain peak) and we hit rain then snow followed by blizzard conditions close to the top.
  20. BlackBear

    Why is Overlanding fun?

    I thought I would throw this out there and ask...what makes Overlanding so much fun for you? For me, it's adventure, freedom, exploring, go any where, see things that most people don't get to see or do and most importantly...meeting people with the same passion of adventure. I thought I would...