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  1. 300WMTUCK

    FOR SALE Roseville/Sacramento Area- Smittybilt 5.56CFM Air Compressor, BNIB-$145 obo

    BNIB Smittybilt 2781 Heavy Duty Air Compressor Kit. Purchased it as a Christmas gift for my Dad as I have the same one on my truck. I didn't know he had already traded for a VIAIR 300P and didn't need this one. Below is the information from Smittybilt. For the added convenience of being...
  2. 300WMTUCK

    SOLD Roseville/Sac Area...GMC/Chevy BedRack and Cargo Basket $1000 obo

    Hey guys. I built this in May before our summer camping season and have decided to go with a slightly different design and would prefer not to have this sitting in the back yard. The bedrack and basket are separate entities. Bedrack hoops rise approx 23" over bedrails. Basket dimensions are...
  3. 300WMTUCK

    2016 RAM Power Wagon overland build

    I second the sentiment on seeing the full size rigs get built. Great job so far!
  4. 300WMTUCK

    Rinse/Shower kit

    That's great!
  5. 300WMTUCK

    Action Packer Charging Station

    This is a great idea! Thanks for posting!
  6. 300WMTUCK

    Camp Shower (Merged)

    Love the full size rig! What rack did you go with?
  7. 300WMTUCK

    Anti-spill tailgate mod.

    Nice idea. May put that one on the list.
  8. 300WMTUCK


    Those are some happy looking dogs! Mal's and snow is a recipe for some serious happiness! Here's my pup Tonka. Turned 1 in Jan. Best family dog I've ever had. It's a good thing too because with his size my 5 and 2 year old kids would get hurt an awful lot. For reference the wall his front paws...
  9. 300WMTUCK


    Great to see another full size! Welcome!
  10. 300WMTUCK


    Welcome to OB! You're the first I've seen with Mal's!
  11. 300WMTUCK

    Portable freezer/fridge - $375 (Rosemead) Whynter 85 fridge for sale on Craigslist- $375

    Not mine. A buddy saw it and sent it to me. Thought someone in the area may want to check it out. Portable freezer/fridge - $375 (Rosemead)
  12. 300WMTUCK

    New Member

    Welcome! Always great to see another fullsize rig! Good looking truck!!
  13. 300WMTUCK


    Welcome! That is an awesome goal. Go get it!
  14. 300WMTUCK


    Here is a great review of several models. Outdoor Gear Lab is my goto source for reviews of climbing equipment. They purchase all the gear and usually have multiple people test most of it for months before publishing a review. They don't include the Partner stoves. I think Partner Stoves are...
  15. 300WMTUCK

    Metal Detecting

    This is a great thread! My Dad has talked about detecting for years and never made the leap. With Father's Day approaching I may make the plunge for him. Now I know where to start. Thanks for all the input!
  16. 300WMTUCK

    DIY AWNING for $90 (ARB style awning) 9' x 9'

    Looks great! Thanks for sharing!
  17. 300WMTUCK

    RTT Question

    T Impressive effort to assist a fellow forum member. Well done Gary.
  18. 300WMTUCK

    Bilstein 5100 Failing? 3rd gen 4Runner.

    HERE is the link to BilsteinUS warranty page. They do have different warranties for models.
  19. 300WMTUCK

    What have you built for you rig.

    I like the idea for the thread. Give me a couple weeks and I'll get some pics up when I start/finish the bed rack and basket for my 2500HD.
  20. 300WMTUCK

    Mud tires

    I've always had great performance from BFG Mud's. This was the first I've heard of the KM3's being tested. Gotta go see if I can find any write-ups on them.