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  1. QCNR

    Which model Land Rover

    Currently thinking of swapping my 1999 Discovery 2 V8 For something newer. It has nearly 300000km behind it so has had a good life. With children growing up, but still wanting to do vehicle based travel on and off road, what are the pro's and con's of Discovery3 vs Range Rover Sport? Being in...
  2. QCNR

    Not being american

    and I appreciate the USA is a large country to explore to start with. But how many here plan to, or have ventured outside the US borders? How long were you away for? Where did you go? Anyone planning on visiting a different continant? Anyone have experience with shipping their vehicle from/ to...
  3. QCNR

    From Norway

    I have been a life long Land Rover addict and travelled around a lot of Europe, including Iceland. Me and the wife are however considering coming to the Americas and slowly laying plans to get there. Shipping our vehicle is costly though, so we may need a while to save some pennies. look forward...