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  1. ArcticTex

    Overland Expo MTN West

    will be driving in from Frisco, TX. First time for me too. Hope to see y'all there.
  2. ArcticTex

    Overland Expo 2021

    I am new to overlanding, but go camping a lot. I have a general cleanup question with regards to the on site camping. I know this may sound stupid, but when I am finished cooking a camp meal, I heat up some water on my stove to do dishes. two bin system of wash with camp soap then rinse and...
  3. ArcticTex

    Overland Expo Mountain West 2021

    Do OB memebers get a promo code for discounted tickets by chance?
  4. ArcticTex

    When will Gazelles be in stock?

    I’ve been on the hunt for the Overland Edition T4 myself. My current tent is showing its age and takes a while to setup and tear down.
  5. ArcticTex

    Rig Names

    I have a white FJ that my son names Oppa after the flying bison from his favorite cartoon. My dad had a 78 power wagon that we called the green mile. He thought it was because it was a long bed club cab, but we called it that because it broke down a lot and we usually had to walk that far for...
  6. ArcticTex


    Welcome! My folks had a Subaru Brat in Bethel, Alaska and I wish I had it. Those things go anywhere.
  7. ArcticTex


    Welcome! I miss East Tenn. Love the Hiawassee and Ocoee rivers there. Sliders were my first mod, then tires and lift. Sliders saved me a few times as my thoughts are also “I have to drive this to work on Monday”
  8. ArcticTex


    Hello! Jeremy and Tracie here. New members. 2014 FJ Cruiser North Texas residents We are new to overlanding, more just camping but would like to take longer trips. Happy to learn new things.