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  1. JNewton99

    Windshield Pics...

  2. JNewton99

    Lets See Some Drone Shots

    Mavic Mini shots and screen grabs. Not the best drone for image quality but it's decent.
  3. JNewton99

    Windshield Pics...

    A few shots from a recent trip up through New Mexico, into Utah and back down through Colorado.
  4. JNewton99

    Hanging cook table

    Any issues with heat from the stove on the paint and fender flare? Otherwise it looks like a neat idea!
  5. JNewton99

    New guy from East Texas

  6. JNewton99

    New guy from East Texas

    Thanks! Hope to get on it ASAP!
  7. JNewton99

    Ham radio????

    Ill do that. Was really hoping for a more in depth class but I guess you have to start somewhere.
  8. JNewton99

    The Search for the BEST Overland Camp Chair

    Talk about a chair overload. I'm gonna have to do some reviewing. I have the old Walmart camp chairs but its definitely time for an upgrade!
  9. JNewton99


    Nacogdoches, Center area
  10. JNewton99

    OB Approved Preparedness & Self Recovery Familiarization

    Great tips! A good list to keep on hand and remember complacency can hurt you! Just because you've been doing something over and over doesn't mean it will all be fine. Always be prepared for the unexpected in all that you do!
  11. JNewton99

    5x8 Trailer build

    Great build, interested in future updates!
  12. JNewton99

    New Trailer Project: Range Runner

    Looks like a great build so far!
  13. JNewton99

    DIY 4x6 overland trailer

    Good looking build! Look forward to future posts!
  14. JNewton99

    OB Approved 10 Tips For Sleeping Warm In Camp

    Great read and good tips! Thanks
  15. JNewton99

    OB Approved What is "Overlanding"?

    Awesome video, great mindset! Some of my greatest memories were camping and exploring growing up and I am looking forwards to making more and sharing those same moments with my own daughter now.
  16. JNewton99

    OB Approved Overland Bound Comms Frequency Guide

    Awesome info, still reading and studying to try and figure HAM out!
  17. JNewton99


    Awesome 1st gens!
  18. JNewton99


    Currently looking at the Becker BK2 and ESEE 5. Have either of you tried the BK2 before? Still kind of up in the air on which route Id like to go. Was also looking at the BK9 but it is a significantly larger knife.
  19. JNewton99

    Kayaks - Inflatable, Rigid, Folding. . . whaddya have and how do ya like it?

    Currently in the market for a Kayak. We're going out this weekend to try my brothers Ascend H10 out and see if that's the direction I want to go. Like the idea of the H10 being a sit in style since I will have my 3 yo riding along and it looks like it will be roomy enough to accommodate the both...
  20. JNewton99

    Posting Pictures