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  1. gandrimp

    Dry ice

    I used it on my last trip. I have a 70 qt coleman 7 day cooler, blue and white. I bought 10 lbs put it amongst my bottles of frozen water and I bought ice again on day 7, day 10 still had ice in the frozen water bottles,barely. Next time I will buy 20 lbs. I did nothing special for off gassing...
  2. gandrimp

    Tent frame for camping over tent-peg-proof substrate

    If it were me, I would still forget the stakes. I carry my stakes with the tent and the hammer.
  3. gandrimp

    What tablets will Gaia GPS work on?

    I have a Galaxy Tab A and Gaia, works great. I have no data plan, just load before you leave home. I did load at lower resolution on my trip to Colorado and was not happy. We stayed at a KOA 1 night and I reloaded it off their wifi (it took all night).
  4. gandrimp

    Wanted '93 Landcruiser

    If shaky mirror is the problem, youtube has several videos showing cheap fixes.
  5. gandrimp

    Overland Pros Anza 2000 Wraptor 2500

    Nice. How does the material compare to the tepui. I'm not wanting light, noisey fabric. Sent from my SM-P580 using OB Talk mobile app
  6. gandrimp

    Air down kit?

    Deflater Sent from my SM-P580 using OB Talk mobile app
  7. gandrimp

    Air down kit?

    Save your money. Go for the arb quick deflated. Sent from my SM-P580 using OB Talk mobile app
  8. gandrimp

    Balancing large tires

    I installed when the tires were mounted from day one. Never needed to removed them.
  9. gandrimp

    Power windows can go down, but not up?

    I don't have a jeep, but everything I have ever had with power windows operated as you have described. "Safety feature" Check to be sure your antenna is tight. And yes a wobbling antenna bugs me also.
  10. gandrimp

    Balancing large tires

    I have used beads for over a year. 285 ko2's . I have no problem at low speed. I get a slight vibration at speed,,,,,,, sometimes,,,,,,,turn a corner it goes away,,,,,,,, hit a bump it goes away. I think I didn't use enough , I followed the instructions but just seems to need more. Sent from...
  11. gandrimp App

    I agree. It has never let me down. The one down side I have found is it won't do long distances without service, I'm talking a thousand miles. It does 2 and 3 hundred miles just fine with with no service. Also it seems to take routes I would like to take, where my Garmin doesn't like...
  12. gandrimp

    Solo run on Imogene Pass?

    Just got back from running imogene and several other trails and had a blast. I was surprised how many rigs, quads, sxs, and 2 wheelers we saw. My guess is this time of year you are never truly alone. Sent from my SM-P580 using OB Talk mobile app
  13. gandrimp

    Exhaust Wrap

    I just use the Mr gasket brand.
  14. gandrimp

    Need advice for Clutch Replacement. 96 Cherokee

    Disc in the wrong way. Sent from my SM-P580 using OB Talk mobile app
  15. gandrimp

    In search of: The Best Ground Tents

    Keep us informed. I will be buying in the near future and as of now the Black Pines is in the lead, (well, oz tent is in the lead but $$$$ talks).
  16. gandrimp

    DIY Rooftop Tent Ideas

    One of the complaints of the RTT is that you cant stand up in it. As I have gotten older, I realize I should have taken better care of myself, and dressing, while laying down is enough to keep me from a RTT. Make it tall.
  17. gandrimp


    I have a bushnell quick setup type tent. Very happy with it. Cant remember which size, probably six person. I believe its just a bit heavier than the Ozark trails tent.
  18. gandrimp

    Another home built roof rack

    Did it help with the noise? Sent from my SM-P580 using OB Talk mobile app
  19. gandrimp

    DIY AWNING for $90 (ARB style awning) 9' x 9'

    I personally would not order a tarp without laying hands on the thing. Cabelas has some of the canvas material, but they weigh a ton.
  20. gandrimp

    Speedmasters Traction Tracks

    Never did. They never answered email, I finally got a hold of somebody that never did find my order. I had an order #. Turns out they had canceled my order, with no notification to me. I ordered from speedmasters site and they had raised the price after I ordered.