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  1. chuckoverland

    US Northwest Inland northwest - Day Trip - Latour Peak and Mirror Lake

    We will be there. Going to cruise with you guys then find a spot to camp.
  2. chuckoverland

    Lake Roosevelt dispersed camping

    Looking for info on dispersed camping over by lake Roosevelt. Heading over there to explore and camp for three days on sunday. Thanks in advance.
  3. chuckoverland

    Another weekend in the books

    First time leaving town since before the shutdown. Just a cruise, didnt camp due to lack of time. However we had some visitors right as we decided to head home.
  4. chuckoverland

    Someone stole my rims and tent...

    We feel for you dude. Had our old truck stripped about 2.5 yrs ago, rtt and all. Truck was found the next day a mile from home. We were just speculating last night if that never happenned we probly wouldnt have got the tacoma, and what crazy upgrades we couldve afforded on the hilux.
  5. chuckoverland

    Propane Storage

    Milk crate
  6. chuckoverland

    Canaan loop WV pin stripes

    It will buff out
  7. chuckoverland

    Canaan loop WV pin stripes

    Our taco made it a month before he got his stripes.
  8. chuckoverland

    waterproof case

    Plano rifle cases work great too. We liked it so much we bought another one.
  9. chuckoverland

    Tuff Stuff Ranger RTT opinion?

    We used to have one. We liked it more than the Yakima one we have now but it got stolen.
  10. chuckoverland

    Post a Picture That Defines Overlanding For You
  11. chuckoverland

    Eastern Washington/ Idaho Panhandle

    Head north on hwy 2 take a left at the 211 and head up to Usk. Across the river to the east and north are some fun places we like to explore. An old ghost town called Diamond City shows up on google maps and theres some nice camp spots around there. Also the CDA national forest is great once...
  12. chuckoverland

    Something different. Let’s talk music.

    I have very eclectic taste in music. I also have like 100 playlists on spotify. Look up ChefJake509 on spotify if you dare.
  13. chuckoverland

    Overland guitar

    I just bring a full size acoustic. Cheap Yamaha but it works.
  14. chuckoverland

    Quarantine Cooking, Lets see what you're making

    Smoked filet with slaw and caprese. Last night i made these and stuffed them with smoked verde pork and a queso fresco guacamole. Arepas Recipe
  15. chuckoverland

    Quarantine Cooking, Lets see what you're making

    Went to grocery outlet today and got 28oz of filet mignon for 10 $. Theyre going on the traeger while i bake some parmesan zuchini fries.
  16. chuckoverland

    Making a meal out of nothing (or very little)...

    New york strip, filet mignon, coullotte sirloin.
  17. chuckoverland

    NW Overland Rally 2020!

    We will be there. The last 3 years have been a blast! Who wants to convoy out from Spokane?
  18. chuckoverland

    Let's Talk Cast Iron

    Cooking is becoming a lost art. Teach your kids to cook!!!
  19. chuckoverland

    Let's Talk Cast Iron

    I cant use cast iron at home because of a dumb glass cooktop, but use it exclusively when camping. To clean it just pour in some clean water, turn on the burner and bring to a light boil. Use a brush to clean once the boiling water has softened up all the crud, dump the water, wipe out really...