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  1. Chetta58

    2009 JKUR

    2009 JKUR w 513’s, ARB Awning, sliders, dual bat system, Warn bumpers and 8274 winch, 33’s/35’s BFG KM’s, Teraflex 3 inch outback suspension, RIPP supercharger, vented hood and inner fender liners, Smittybilt roof rack system, JKS steering, etc... Jumping Jack trailer... Wife and I are retired...
  2. Chetta58

    Resolved Getting spammed

    I’ve gotten 26 emails in the last hour and a half... question... I see people post on Instagram and it posts as ‘Overland Bound’ and the rigs are definitely not 0000 and family. I’m OB 5934. How do I post under OB or should I?
  3. Chetta58

    NF 250 - Idaho to Montana

    My wife and I just got back from a great 3 day, 300 mile trip through the Idaho back country. What a beautiful place. Moose, bald eagles, and spawning cut throat trout were some of the highlights of the trip. Although the locals said the road was in bad shape, compared to our normal trips the...
  4. Chetta58

    Jumping Jack Trailer on the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route

    I purchased a 4x6 Jumping Jack Trailer this Spring after looking at all types of trailers that I thought might actually survive the real off-road environment for the last couple years. My wife and I have done adventures all over the West Coast in various vehicles for many years and we have a...