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  1. RobRed

    RobRed's 2000 UZJ 100 Land Cruiser (Uber LC) aka"Rolling Thunder"

    2000 UZJ100 Land Cruiser -Champagne Pearl (Silver) -Gray Leather -2nd and 3rd Row Removed -Rear Air -2nd Owner -137k when purchased, now 195k Engine: -Doug Thorley Headers -EMSPowered Cat Back Exhaust w/ Magnaflow muffler -EMSPowered Single CAT Mid Pipes -HDJ105 Hand Throttle (Toyota OEM) w/...
  2. RobRed

    RobRed Death Valley / Coso Wilderness Spring 2017 - You're Invited

    Dates: Friday March 31 to Monday April 3, 2017 Weekend after fj80toyman's massive Mojave trip. General Schedule As usual participants receive a detailed schedule about 2 weeks out Thu Day 0: Travel Day and Camp near Lone Pine (Alabama Hills) Fri Day 1: Meet in Lone Pine, head into Coso...