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  1. TxTerra

    Where ya from?

    Im chiming in from Mckinney!
  2. TxTerra

    regions are getting set for discussions!

    The powers at be are starting a regions section for the forums. Go request your regions or chime in to current requests i started a texas request for south, central, north, and east texas. most of the west texas guys usually head out towards new mexico & arizona for most of their wheeling trips.
  3. TxTerra


    we should have a north, central, east, south texas, oklahoma, arkansas, louisana
  4. TxTerra

    storage and kitchen setup

    Storage and Kitchen system build Now that i have fridge for my truck, I was needing a better way to get into it. Ive also been wanting to build some storage drawers to help keep more of my camping supplies, tools, and recovery equipment more organized. What i came up with works very well. I...
  5. TxTerra

    south central get together

    Im living in dallas, tx currently and am planning a trip through the ozark national forest in arkasas the weekend of oct 9th. the plan is to start in russellville, ar and head towards winslow. starting friday am, and headed back to dallas sunday afternoon. any and all are welcome to join in on...
  6. TxTerra

    duplicate emblems

    I ordered a duplicate info almost 6 weeks ago and have received no update on it. Any ideas when they might be ready to ship?
  7. TxTerra

    DIY Limb Risers

    Im getting ready to take a trip out the Ozark National Forest to explore the overland trail out there. I was out there earlier this year in april, and found some spots that were very overgrown. I also traveled the K-Trail (kiamichi trail) in oklahoma twice earlier this year and had the pleasure...
  8. TxTerra

    TxTerra build

    This is extremely overdue to-do list item on my truck. The rig is a 2000 Nissan Xterra, SE model. I picked it up used in 2006 with about 130k miles. I have seemed to lost all the stock pictures i had of her over the years. I didnt start to get serious into off roading until early 2010. Thats...