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  1. LVCoffeeguy

    Mormon Well Road, Las Vegas NV

    I figured I should try and contribute for any LV Overlanders who are new to the area and looking for a fun overnight or afternoon trail. Mormon Well Road goes from Highway 95 across the mountain range to Highway 93. We typically start on the 95 side @ Corncreek Dunes(36.43765, -115.35844) and...
  2. LVCoffeeguy

    Land Cruiser Indi mechanic

    Hey Vegas People, looking for a good mechanic in Vegas that specializes in Land Crusers. I have a friend that is coming from Utah and hoping on a plane for a couple weeks. Looking to have some stuff fixed up while gone. You have any suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  3. LVCoffeeguy

    DIY-Low Cost Swing Down Hitch Mount Spare Tire Rack

    Well, that seems to be a mouthful but I wanted to make sure that it would show up in the search bar for the next guy looking for an inexpensive way to mount your spare tire to your hitch. When I started this endeavor I had looked and looked for a quality hitch mount spare tire holder that...