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  1. timberwolf_120

    Project: not yet named

    Hey guys got myself a second rig 1988 Toyota 4 runner 3.0 v6 with R150 manual trans 3” body lift with shackle flip rear and maxed out torsion bars picked it up from a coworker for free Has blown head gasket and rough interior Future plans include 3.4 v6 swap Doubler from the yota gods lol...
  2. timberwolf_120


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  3. timberwolf_120

    Mojave desert monthly meetup

    Hey guys and gals of the Mojave desert region. People that live along the 395 from Adelanto to bishop and others that may live on the beaten path. I’m looking to do a monthly meetup in Ridgecrest meet at the local pizza factory and have some good food and get to know our fellow overlanders and...
  4. timberwolf_120

    Project not so overlanding

    Hey all so im on the hunt for a srt10 ram single cab that has been wrecked. I want to make a prerunner version of the fastest production truck ever made. wanna go from this to this think it will be a fun project and technically itll still be an overlander as it is gonna be built for going...
  5. timberwolf_120

    South Bound on the 395

    Hey everyone, here in about 5 months I will be getting out of the military after a 6 year commitment, and ill be transitioning back to my home town in southern California. I will have my jeep fully loaded up and then my firebird in tow, but I would love to meet up with some fellow overlanders. I...
  6. timberwolf_120

    Rotopax universal tire mount came across this and was just curious if anyone has one and if so how do you like it? my tire is at a bit of an angle, and just wanted to also know if I had the rotopax slightly tilted back with the cap facing upwards if id have any...
  7. timberwolf_120

    rtic coolers are on sale currently rtic coolers are on sale for a pretty decent prices right now. im gonna pick myself up a 45 quart here shortly. just thot id let the masses know about this killer deal going.
  8. timberwolf_120

    5 day excursion along the 395

    Hey everyone me a buddy and my mom's went on a fun 5 day excursion all around the 395 in so cal a few months back. We hit a new spot each day except for day 4/5 we stayed in one spot cause we fell in love with the area. I'll post pics and videos here shortly. Here's a short video of the...
  9. timberwolf_120

    Grand slam west

    So who's all going to grand slam west this year? Dates are June 9th to 12th. Unfortunately this is reserved for grand cherokees and commanders only :/ So zj, wj, wk, wk2 and whatever the commander is lol If your going let me know, I'll be headed there with my buddy from spokane wa. If you...
  10. timberwolf_120

    What does your significant other drive?

    So we all know what the OB members drive. But how does your spouse get around? The wife drives a 2014 jeep compass base model (manual doors and windows) has satellite radio tho lol Very spacious for what it is. My father in law is 6'5" and he can drive it comfortably and still have room in...
  11. timberwolf_120

    Vehicle mounted gun safe

    So like the title says, how many (if any) of yall are rocking a vehicle mounted gun safe for your conceal carry? I recently found out that I'm supposed to have my pistol in a safe in order to transport it on base. Just want to see what you guys have or recommend. I was thinking the titan vault...
  12. timberwolf_120

    War Machine: The Silver 01 Jeep Wj

    The start of my overland rig. She's an 01 limited grand cherokee with a 4.7l v8 and quaddrive. Has a few tasteful mods so far. Lift to come begging of next year. (the first few posts of my build thread are copy/pasted from another forum cause im lazy lol) hey guys finally got enough pics to...