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  1. Glacierdog

    FJ40 build update

    Good day everyone! I hope all of that plan to be out exploring and making an adventure for yourselves this Labor Day weekend travel safe. As of September 3rd, 2021, the build-up on my 1978 FJ40 has been fraught with numerous delays due to part shortages, supply chain challenges, and resource...
  2. Glacierdog

    Insurance coverage

    I am sure some of you have already hit the same hurdle I have as I go through trying to update my insurance policy to better cover my non-stock Toyota FJ40. I completely understand why you should not offer up a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ recommendation for any insurance company, but I am looking to see if anyone...
  3. Glacierdog

    Central Oregon area

    Just moved here and am in the process of getting settled in. We have a 2002 4Runner which continues to impress us during this latest snow storm, and a 1978 TLC FJ40, which is back in California getting a makeover (due to smog restrictions in CA, I have to update my tags which means getting it to...
  4. Glacierdog

    1978 Toyota FJ40

    Hello everyone! I am looking to get input before I hand off my beloved FJ40 to the fabricator for some long needed TLC (pun intended). Currently I have a Chevy V8 (albeit a tired V8) butted up to a SM465 4 speed coupled to the stock transfercase. I have an ARB locker in the rear and an Auburn...