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    I had ExoShield installed today. This is the newer version of the product, and still in development and testing phase. Same concept as the smart phone screen protector, just for JL windscreen. According to the manufacturer it is 6x stronger than the OEM windscreen. It is to protect the...
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    GoalZero Light A Life

    I always liked, and wanted to have, the GoalZero LaL 350. It is a well engineered and well made light. I also love the back story. My camping power setup is based on Jackery 500. I always wondered if LaL 350 would work with my Jackery. Yesterday I received my own LaL350 and it does work with...
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    Getting overland ready...frugally

    Recently I went on a 6 day camping/exploration and overlanding trip to Northern Ontario. I had a blast. Lake Superior views from Trans Canada Highway are breath taking. We camped on shores of Lake Superior and explored many trails/logging and back roads. This was my first extended trip. My...
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    Hello from Milton ON

    Hi, new member and new to over-landing. Recently did the Minden, ON trails on September long weekend. Just completed an epic 6 day, 2700 km trip to Jackfish, ON (north of Lake Superior).
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    New member, Greater Toronto Area, Canada

    Excited to be here. Been watching overlanding scene for a while. Decided to take the plunge :)