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  1. readyme

    Vinyl Wrap/PlastiKote On Hood

    I like the idea of flat black, but hadn't considered the "heat sink" idea...but I doubt it would have much of an impact on just the hood.
  2. readyme

    Danger of leaving water bottles in your vehicle

    I am a firefighter, and I we responded to a house full of smoke. Ended up being the glass paperweights in the window caused the curtains to smolder...damn near turned into a house fire. Glad yours ended up ok.
  3. readyme

    Vinyl Wrap/PlastiKote On Hood

    Following. I am considering the same thing.
  4. readyme


    I have a 2017 Tacoma TRD offroad. It is new, and I am brand new to overlanding. I am located outside of Seattle in the Great PNW. I actually found this group through Fieldcraft Survival podcast...and I am excited to learn. I am a longtime backpacker, so I am looking forward to...