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  1. thalooch

    Nice Rack but What a Pain

    hey fellow tundra guy here too :-) That was it....nothing more. I do have a vehicle build thread working though.
  2. thalooch

    Any Exped Megamat Max Owners?

    I would have bought it. That's clearly a bs reason. Tag on mine said it was the wrong dimensions..... If it says won't hold that's a different story....
  3. thalooch

    Any Exped Megamat Max Owners?

    After much research I went with the Megamat Duo 10. The Max looks nice but takes up more space when rolled up, is much harder to roll up, and the 10 is already super luxurious. I couldn't find any reviews that stated the max was really head and shoulders above the 10, so the space savings and...
  4. thalooch

    2011 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior

    I also upgraded my interior map lights and dome lights with Diode Dynamics LEDS. Also my tail lights and sidemarkers. The LEDS consume less energy which will reduce the power draw on my battery. In addition of course they put out a lot more light. Also I think these increase my safety while...
  5. thalooch

    2011 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior

    I also installed some aftermarket fog lights. Diode Dynamics SS3 Pros in amber. Tough to take a photo with them on at night.
  6. thalooch

    2011 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior

    I like them as much as I can so far! Its one of those upgrades that is mostly out of sight and out of mind. I hope i never really need them but at the same time they will likely come in handy at some point on a rough rocky road. Ive definitely already scraped a little bit on some roads in...
  7. thalooch

    Labor Day Sales

    Renogy has a sale as well up until the 16th
  8. thalooch

    2011 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior

    Today installed an engine skid plate and transmission skid plate by RCI Metal Works. Lots of elbow grease was used!
  9. thalooch

    2011 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior

    I also installed an ARB single onboard air compressor. I havent wired it up yet. This install was hard! The custom mount that was meant to fit pretty seamlessly required new bolts and spacers, and a ton of elbow grease and time. Finally though all bolts are secured, the compressor is snug tight...
  10. thalooch

    2011 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior

    So today I finally installed my Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 270 awning! I mounted it to Yakima jetstream bars. So far I am very pleased with this awning. It provides a ton of shade and covers both doors on the driver side while fully covering the back tailgate area. It feels very sturdy and...
  11. thalooch

    Needing help Installing OVS Awning Bracket on Yakima Jetstream

    It looks like this is gonna work. Bought new bolts, washers and lock washers all zinc to go with these nuts. Gonna install tomorrow!
  12. thalooch

    Needing help Installing OVS Awning Bracket on Yakima Jetstream

    So I have my Yakima towers and Jetstream bars installed on my camper shell and now I am having a ton of trouble navigating how to install my OVS 270 Awning. The T Slot channel on the Yakima Jetstream bars is way too wide at nearly an inch and I can't find any bolts that have a wide enough head...
  13. thalooch

    Any Exped Megamat Max Owners?

    nono, we NEED that guy. As much as I love REI they are still a giant corporation and clearly have succumbed to cutting corners and squeezing a little more profit wherever they can. The MegaMat is on my short list and I'll probably eventually get it for tent/cowboy camping setup when I find a...
  14. thalooch

    2011 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior

    I bought the truck in February with 100k miles on it. It's a 5.7L 4WD with Rock Warrior Trim. TRD 17" Wheels. It came debadged with an ARE shell. After overlanding last year in a Honda Pilot (someone hit it and totaled it), I finally settled on a Tundra to continue my journey. I quit my...
  15. thalooch

    2021 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Build

    We're cousins......I've got a Tundra. Look forward to following your build. I'm about to post the start of mine.
  16. thalooch

    My 2015 Tundra Build

    I'm working on a 2011 Build currently. #TundraFam
  17. thalooch

    The Green Tundra (Starting Over Again)

    Beautiful color. I got a Tundra myself, 2011 Rock Warrior, all black. Would prefer your color though, but I cant afford a new truck.
  18. thalooch

    2.5 Months in an RTT & Tundra

    Whats the deal with that aftermarket front bumper? Do you have a model name for that? I've got myself a 2011 Tundra I'm currently working on.
  19. thalooch

    Crossbar length? For truck camper shell rack

    I ordered the 60s. I measured the width of my camper shell and with 70s the bars would be sticking out roughly 11 inches on each side. That just seemed like too big of a gap considering I am mounting an awning to the side of the crossbars. If I need to exchange the bars I can do that though...