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  1. terryg

    Moving OB Emblem

    I've moved my OB emblem and am now having trouble getting it to stick. Is there an adhesive you recommend, other than epoxy? Thanks!
  2. terryg

    4WD Conversion E250

    1998 E250 Ford Sportsmobile. I'm talking to Tim and Timberline Vans about my 4x4 conversion. I'm considering going with Limited Slip in the rear and lockers (ARB?) up front. My logic is the LSD in the rear will provide traction and control in slick conditions and the lockers up front can be...
  3. terryg

    Easy Chili Recipe

    I started out cutting up onions, peppers, etc until I actually read the ingredients in Pace Picante Sauce. This is a family favorite and easy. 1lbs lean steak (flank, round, sirloin) 1 can tomato sauce 1 can pinto beans 1 can chili beans 1 medium size jar Pace Picante (your choice mild...
  4. terryg

    PhotoPills Photography App

    You may already be familiar with PhotoPills app, but I just came across it and LOVE it. You download it onto your smart phone or tablet through the App Store and use it to plan photo shoots of the Milky Way, moon, or other celestial bodies based on a geographic location and calendar date. Do you...
  5. terryg

    FOR SALE AIMS Power PWRIC1500W Inverter-Charger

    AIMS 1500 watt modified sine power inverter with built in charger and transfer switch. It was in my SMB when I bought it, but I switched it out last year and went with a 600W pure sinewave since I mostly use the inverter for my fridge and charging my electronics. I recently moved and can't find...
  6. terryg

    New Guy

    Hi, all. I'm located in Nixa, MO, sw Missouri. I've had my 1998 Ford E250 2wd Sportsmobile for a little over a year and LOVE it. I'm a novice at (off road) overlanding and am looking forward to learning. In 2019, I followed the Santa Fe Trail fromits eastern terminus in Franklin, MO to Santa Fe...