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  1. thalooch

    Needing help Installing OVS Awning Bracket on Yakima Jetstream

    So I have my Yakima towers and Jetstream bars installed on my camper shell and now I am having a ton of trouble navigating how to install my OVS 270 Awning. The T Slot channel on the Yakima Jetstream bars is way too wide at nearly an inch and I can't find any bolts that have a wide enough head...
  2. thalooch

    2011 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior

    I bought the truck in February with 100k miles on it. It's a 5.7L 4WD with Rock Warrior Trim. TRD 17" Wheels. It came debadged with an ARE shell. After overlanding last year in a Honda Pilot (someone hit it and totaled it), I finally settled on a Tundra to continue my journey. I quit my...
  3. thalooch

    Crossbar length? For truck camper shell rack

    Im trying to install a roof rack on my ARE camper shell. It came with Yakima landing pads so Im getting Yakima towers and bars. They come in 50, 60 and 70. My trucks width is 79" I cant find anything definitive on whether to go 60 or 70. Any advice? Yakima support wasnt clear on which length...
  4. thalooch

    Full time overland rig - Tundra or F-150

    I'm in the market for a new vehicle. I've been on the road for about a year now, meaning that I've primarily lived out of my vehicle, a 2014 Honda Pilot, until it was totaled. I've settled on a pickup truck with a camper shell, given my budget and what I like to do. I am not trying to do any...
  5. thalooch

    BFG KO2 C or E for 2016 F150 4x4?

    I just bought my first pickup truck, 2016 F150 4x4 extended cab with ecoboost. After much research I settled on BFG KO2 D rating, only to get a call that they are on national backorder. Rim size is 265/70/17 The tires that came with the truck are cracked and need replacement asap so Im forced...