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  1. StevieB93

    80 Series FENDER FLARE GASKET set replacements

    Hi All, I purchased these 80 Series fender flare gaskets, which many folks from IH8MUD.COM have also purchased, when redoing their fender flares. Check em' out if you are looking to redo your fender flares for your 80/LX450. I do believe that you need a login for this site, in order to...
  2. StevieB93

    93' getting very little power

    Hey All, I just replaced my 02 sensors and EGR valve and passed CA smog just fine and Cruiser was running fine for a couple of weeks. I got the EGR valve and 02 sensors from Rock Auto, just in case that caused any memories to spark. Out of no where, I am now getting very little power when I...
  3. StevieB93

    Rock sliders for 93' 80 series

    Hi All, I'm looking for a set here before I check at the local shops. Overland and out, ~ Steven
  4. StevieB93

    Hello Overland Bound Family - Newbie Member Here!

    Hello Everyone, I'm a new member and just joined over the weekend. Growing up in single parent home, my desire to be outdoors started as a young boy. When I was a teenager, I saw my first beautiful removeable hardtop 4Runner (1983), where I decided I'd one day buy a 4Runner. A few years...