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  1. WestieTRD

    Iron Eagle Utility Trailer with an Overland Topper - Westie goes Disco

    I have an awesome utility trailer - use it all the time for getting wood, moving bikes, hauling leaves. Even took it camping a couple times. All four of us aren't fitting in the Roof Top Tent that well anymore, so I am going to try to make a mobile condo. Two upstairs in the CVT, two...
  2. WestieTRD

    Operation Pineapple - Brasil to Alasks - Pan-American Highway

    I finally listened to the CBC Interview today - and thought I would share. I wish I had the pineapples to drive south to Panama, never mind Argentina, in my TRD Pro! These boys did it 60 years ago without a rooftop tent or GPS. So cool.