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  1. REaboutBlank

    Where did you install your OB emblem?

    Go for it! PM me if you need any help or advice. It's a very simple little, but satisfying project!
  2. REaboutBlank

    Where did you install your OB emblem?

    Excellent question! Most grill badge holders are a full inch larger and looks funky if you get one and then slap it on. But if you have $10ish bucks and a dremel.. you can make it! I went up the local hardware store and picked up a flat generic knob with treads, two rubber washers, one metal...
  3. REaboutBlank

    Where did you install your OB emblem?

    Howdy! Just received mine today! But I wanted to put it in a more central location like the grill. So I made my own grill badge attachment.
  4. REaboutBlank

    New Member From Minnesota

    Hi Ryan! Howdy and welcome! I am actually an new member and new to the overlanding scene. When were you planning your meet up? I am in the Saint Paul area and would love to meet-up.
  5. REaboutBlank

    Potential Overlander from MN

    Howdy! I am a new member and super new to this whole overlanding scene too. Where in MN are you located? I am in Saint Paul!
  6. REaboutBlank

    New Member#6865 - Twin Cities, MN!

    Howdy Y'all! I am new to the over-landing scene and am new-ish to the Twin Cities, MN area. Originally from the DFW, TX area and wanted to introduce myself! I have a 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Team Edition and have just started my modifications! The last modification was an ExpOne Wyootto...