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  1. WestieTRD

    Anyone have expertise in importing vehicles into the US?

    I'm sure this won't be helpful :) but here's 2 cents. I haven't tried a RHD diesel, but it is on my todo list! I want this one if it doesn't work out for you! We moved from Canada to the US and imported a Jeep, and a...
  2. WestieTRD

    Optimal lift for TJ

    My research kept leading to this guy.
  3. WestieTRD

    Tracking an overlanding trip

    Keep finding new features on Gaia. The record track sounds like what you are after. Subscription, but he link below makes it less painful.
  4. WestieTRD


    That's awesome. was our go-to when our Garmin was a better GPS than our phone, and it wasn't $30 a year! Maybe we just need to use this thread to mark down the ones that are Overland Destination friendly and I'll put away my McScrooge glasses. This was out favorite last year...
  5. WestieTRD

    En Route to Calgary, BC

    And you'll probably rather have a snow machine in January on the trails up there!
  6. WestieTRD

    En Route to Calgary, BC

    Big second on skiing Fernie. I grew up in Sparwood just north and that's the secret mountain we don't want the world to find out about. If you sneak over to Missoula and hit HWY 93 thru Whitefish you won't be disappointed. The hot springs at Fairmont and Radium are fun. More skiing at...
  7. WestieTRD

    Iron Eagle Utility Trailer with an Overland Topper - Westie goes Disco

    I have an awesome utility trailer - use it all the time for getting wood, moving bikes, hauling leaves. Even took it camping a couple times. All four of us aren't fitting in the Roof Top Tent that well anymore, so I am going to try to make a mobile condo. Two upstairs in the CVT, two...
  8. WestieTRD

    Operation Pineapple - Brasil to Alasks - Pan-American Highway

    I finally listened to the CBC Interview today - and thought I would share. I wish I had the pineapples to drive south to Panama, never mind Argentina, in my TRD Pro! These boys did it 60 years ago without a rooftop tent or GPS. So cool.
  9. WestieTRD

    2017 4Runner TRD Pro

    Ours just finished a 1600 mile break-in trip. Pretty happy with how smooth it was to drive offroad vs my 2004. Also happy how much better white hides the dirt vs blue. You are going to love it Congrats. Sent from my SM-T800 using OB Talk mobile app
  10. WestieTRD

    Tacoma vs 4Runner

    Having a utility trailer made the 4Runner decision easier for me. Wanted a Tacoma bad, but the increased security and the shorter overall length of the comparable 4 door versions sealed it. Sent from my SM-T800 using OB Talk mobile app
  11. WestieTRD

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Finished eclipse day with a sunset. Sent from my Pixel XL using OB Talk mobile app
  12. WestieTRD


    1) Picture! Old truck below. New truck too pretty for dirt. 2) Location: Portland Oregon. 3) Rig: 2017 4Runner. 2004 4Runner retired. 4) Overlanding Experience Background: Novice. Drove through a mud puddle once.