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    Dual battery for Gen 5 Rav4 (2019)

    So Im looking into setting up a dual battery for my Rav4 XLE AWD. I do not have the Immediate need for it, but since Im planning out my lights right now, Im trying to think ahead. Because of how Toyota does the designs for the Rav4s there is a spot a battery would go if I had the Hybrid model. I...
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    Rig Radio Help

    So Ive been studying up for my Ham tests, scheduling and pandemic reason have slowed me down on taking the test. I know I cant brodcast on non CB Freqs until I have my License, I am going to pay the fee this weekend for the GMRS License. But I am wanting to get a radio to put in my rig now. I...
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    '19 Rav4 XLE AWD Build

    So here is a post about my build. All Ive done so far is put the stick on window visors (mainly to get rid of the chrome trim) and put a set of Open Country AT3s. I ordered a Prinsu Rack. it will hopefully be here in a week or so, and get put on the weekend after I get it. Ill start with some...
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    Roof Rack Recommendations '19 Rav4

    Hello All I have a 2019 Rav4 XLE AWD. I am wanting to put a roof rack on it. Im currently considering the Prinsu Rack but Im up for other recommendations. I need the rack to be able to carry gear mainly my Gazelle T4 tent and other longer cases given the Rav4 doesn't have a large cargo space...
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    New Area Member Checking | Brazos Valley

    Hello All. Im Paul H. I am in the Brazos Valley Area of Texas. My Rig is a 2019 Toyota Rav4 XLE AWD. it is currently stock, but I am getting some Open County AT3s and a Roof Rack installed in the coming weeks. I am considering a Prinsu Roof Rack. but im not 100% on it yet.
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    US Southeast Padre Island, Texas Trip for May

    Me and my Wife are planing our first trip for the South Beach area of Padre Island National Seashore. I dont have any experience driving on sand. My rig at this time will be a 2019 Rav4 XLE AWD with some Open Country AT 3s. I would greatly appriciate any advice for driving on sand or on beaches...